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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Neat Wire Creations!

Hello Ladies,
Hope you are having a good weekend.  Did you remember to "spring ahead"?  I always hate losing that hour of sleep, but the extra daylight is so welcome, I think!
Yesterday I received the nicest surprise in the mail!  Well, it actually wasn't a surprise, as I knew she would be sending it, but I was so excited never the less!!  My sweet friend Erin sent me some of her awesome wire creations!  Erin just opened an Etsy shop, called Peony Wire Works (love that name!), and you can find her wonderful wire works of art there!!!
Our last name begins with a W, so I really love this ornament!  I found the perfect place for it, too!  My mom just gave me a demi john (love!!!), and I think Erin's creation looks perfect as an embellishment!!
How cool is that? Erin can do any letter, and has many more neat designs, too in her shop!!  I'll show you more of my demi john in a bit. Right now I want to show you what else Erin so generously sent to me!!

She sent me the makings of a cool chicken wire banner!  (she sent  more than I show here!).  Erin knew that I would have fun creating something neat (I hope I can do you proud, Erin!) and so kindly offered to send me the beginning of a very fun project!  I have a feeling that my banner will take on a French accent, too!  Merci beaucoup, Erin, you are the greatest!  So be sure to check out Erin's shop and her brand new blog, also called Peony Wire works as well!  

Ok, here is another look at Erin's neat ornament on my new demi john.
It's perfect, don't you think?! The demi john isn't an antique, it's a reproduction, but I am totally in love with it!  It has the French Country look that I so love!
I have it on display on the kitchen counter, in a neat wire basket.  I found this vintage wicker covered bottle a year or so ago at a yard sale.  I don't really know anything about demi john's, so not sure if this is considered one, too!  Also in the wire basket is a pretty vintage tin, a ceramic olive oil dispenser that I bought on a trip to Paris, and a matching herb grinder I bought there as well.

 Can you see the cute little bees on the grinder?
I really love the colors of this vintage tin! I found it for next to nothing at a garage sale several years ago.
I just can't stop looking at this cool ornament!  It is perfect for our home, Erin!  Thanks again!


Erin said...

Donna, this is exactly why you have this...I even contemplated stealing your picture(I admit I was like, look at how good that looks, my poor pics lack, but at least that gave me a new direction, so thanks!!!)...I swear I can't display a thing(create a vignette) to save my life, and really I LOVE how you have displayed your monogram, that demijohn is awesome! This is exactly why you have the frames for the banner, I knew you could make it way better than I ever could. No need to thank me, Thank you! And thanks for this post, Love ya Donna:)

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Your new wired monogram tag looks fabulous on this demo-john Donna! And it all looks so cute in that basket you have displayed. Erin does fine work, and I'm looking forward to seeing your banner creation.
- Susan

NanaDiana said...

Well, how cute is that, Donna? Do you wish she'd sent a rooster to go with that chicken wire so you could get up on time this morning?
I love that little monogramed piece. Really cute idea.

I love your kitchen display too, and your demi-john. I remember all the ones we threw out when I was young...and the ones we had that were covered with wax dripped down them. What a neat thing for your Mom to gift you with...and I love the other bottle that you found!

I hope your weekend was a good one. My own was a busy one! Hugs to you- we'll catch up in a day or so! xxoo Diana

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

That wire tag is wonderful. You have a great vignette with your bottles in that wonderful wire basket. ~~Sherry~~

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, I love this Donna and wasn't this amazing of Erin to send this? She is such a doll!!! It looks so perfect in your kitchen--I love it!!!

Pamela said...

Hi Donna!
Thanks for visiting me today and the lovely comments on my home!
I see you love Paris too...I am going to follow you!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Hi Donna-I love your demi john and the wire art is perfect for it. Very nice. I have thought of you so often this past week and was wondering if you were still in MI or had already come out west. I have been having so much fun catching up on your posts. I love the Easter candle and everything you painted your special shade of turquiose. You have been busy! You are amazingly creative and it's so much fun to see your latest creations. Always fun to visit you.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Hey, that's my initial too! Lovely! The wire art really gives it an authentic look.
Have a great day!