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Friday, November 19, 2010

Tray Chic!

Oui, Oui, Tres Chic!
Happy Friday, Ladies!
Another week has just flown by, I hope you've been having a great one!
Today I'm going to show you a tray project that I just finished for my Etsy shop. I love trays, and am always on the lookout for ones that I can transform.  I won't show you the before shot yet, don't want to scare you!

So you get to see the "after" first!
Let's back up a bit before we go any further, just so you can see how far this tray has come!  I found her while out thrifting earlier this week, and she was suffering from a serious case of BSU* syndrome!
                                                          (*beyond seriously ugly*)

Just look at the poor thing!  Don't you love the faux bois grain (fake wood grain)?!  When hubby took one look at it, he gave me that "What the heck is she thinking buying that God awful thing?"  But, he knows me well enough by now, to realize that nothing stays ugly once I work a little magic!
So, after painting her Heirloom White, she was feeling better already!

For the actual tray, I decoupaged vintage sheet music, followed by one of my all time graphics from the Graphics Fairy.  I've used this wonderful imagine of a French advertising label in several projects. 

I really love the design of the wire around the edges.  Oh, and the cute little ball feet, too!

Here's one last look!  Hope this inspires you to look at those ugly ducklings in a new light!
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Musings from Kim K. said...

It's divine! I can see your lovely tray filled with several flutes of champagne!!

Anonymous said...


NanaDiana said...

Your tray is seriously beautiful!! What's the matter-you don't like fake wood? How do you know my house doesn't have fake wood through the whole thing? Did you ever think about that? Huh? Huh?

And...as a response to WHO has a bathtub outside....Uh...WHO has their own plane? Yeah? Okay..even now, are we?>)

But-back to the tray...I love it...it looks sooo good now. Amazing what a little spray paint and paper can do! xxoo Diana

Cindy Adkins said...

Oooo-la-la!! This tray is tres chic--I love it!!! And I bet it's even more gorgeous in person...totally fabulous for a shabby chic decor--You are a creative genius, Donna!!!

Christine said...

So impressive Donna! You really took it from one extreme to another, in a really beautiful way. It's magical!

Erin said...

Love it Donna, that is terrific! From eek to chic for certain!

Kelly said...

That is a serious transformation! BSU cracked me up as well....I can't believe how great it looks after though!


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I love metal trays and you did a great job with it. Looks brand new now and has so much style!

Leo said...

It came out great. As you know - I love the label. I recently printed it out in pink...I might give it a go on something!! Just beautiful. You are the re-purposing queen!!!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Wonderful idea! Very pretty thought out details. I'd refuse to use it as a tray! :)


Tete said...

Looks pretty good, but I don't see any glitter...did you run out? LOL
Did you see my new background? Glitter
And the hangy things I made? 2 with glitter tags
But just don't get too used to it cuz it may not happen again...cuz I ain't wearing a seatbelt and could fall off this wagon anytime.
Hugs- Tete

Amy Chalmers said...

Very pretty tray, you have given me an idea for a tray I have.

Donna said...

Donna, So clever and beautiful now!! ~But then Donnas ARE also are clever and beautiful, huh? -Hugs, Donna

Sandi said...

LOVE IT! You did a wonderful job! I don't know that I would have even thought potential in that tray!!! It is gorgeous now though.

mizdarlin said...

One of the best things about your re-dos is that the good things in your before projects, already evident, are evident to you..I might have hated that fakegrain so much that I would reject the whole thing..but then i have a side table made of that awful stuff that i ended up spending hours painting into an animal print extravaganza..and i love it now!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the first picture, I knew you were going to do something fabulous with that tray! I was right... it looks beautiful!! Great job!
I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving holiday!!
Jo :)

KimMalk said...

Yes, the before is seriously ugly! You lovelied up so nicely. I <3 your spray glitter in the previous post.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This tray looks SO wonderful, Donna, and your etsy shop is full of great goodies! I'm inspired to re-do a tray now!

Jill Marcott-McCall ~Feathers & Flight~ said...

Donna this is Gorgeous! What a Transformation! You have a Great Eye for just Looking at the Bones of a piece and looking at the Potential.
Have a Wonderful Week!

Unknown said...

Hoo boy! you sure can spot a treasure in the rough. It's beautiful now!

Cassie Bustamante said...

what a great idea!!! love it- thanks for sharing!

Karen The Graphics Fairy said...

Oh my, that is tres chic!!! It looks gorgeous Donna! Thanks for linking this up to Brag Monday.

PetraB said...

What a fabulous tray, love the make-over!

our daily dishes said...

thats is darling!

Recaptured Charm said...

Wonderful makeover! You have some terrific projects.
Thanks for stopping by today as well.

Barbara Jean said...

This is great! Love the ornaments on next post too


barbara jean

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, this is sssooooo sweet!
Just wonderful! I love it!
Thank you for sharing!

Terelo said...

Preciosa, muy elegante.
Felicidades por tu trabajo.
Saludos. Teresa

Gail said...

A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Great job on this tray......!

Fabulously French said...

Wow it looks tres belle.

Leeann x

Mi Pequeño Atelier said...

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