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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cute Blue & White Curio Cabinet

Happy White Wednesday (a day early!). If you have never visited Kathleen over at Faded Charm, be sure to do so!  Each week she hosts a great linky party called White Wednesday, so stop on over!  I wanted to share my little curio cabinet with you today.  I wish that I had a before picture for you, but I purchased this severa1 years ago, long before I had a blog (How often have I said those words?!).  Anyway, I picked it up at a yard sale for only a dollar, and it was not only very dirty, but an ugly gold color!  And plastic, did I mention plastic? (kind of like syrocco).  After a good scrubbing and sanitizing, I painted her Heirloom White.  I could almost hear her breath a sigh of relief!
For the backing, I used this wonderful blue and white toile fabric, that I have used in many other projects.  I just adore toile!  Lets take a closer look at the treasures inside:

I really love the swirly design on this cute little mini ceramic urn below.

Isn't this little hobnail glass pitcher cute?

A friend gave me this pretty toile vintage glass perfume bottle.  I just love it & have never seen anything like it.
She also gave me this sweet little porcelain dish.  Love the flowers.

Two pretty vintage teacups, and a little Eiffel Tower we got on a trip to Paris.

I couldn't get a very good picture of it, but I really like this vintage pressed glass cruet my Mom gave me years ago.

This photo has got to be one of the dorkiest pictures of hubby & I, but it really means alot to me!  It was taken 10 years ago on our first trip together to Paris.  Here we are at the Eiffel Tower.  Wish I was that slim still!!
This is a close up of the pretty floral design at the top of the cabinet.  I think if you were to look at it, you would think it was made of wood, not plastic!  So the next time you are at a yard sale or the Goodwill, be sure to give that junky old plastic stuff a second look!  You would be amazed at the possibilities!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


Unknown said...

What a jewel of a blog you have here. OMG I love it. I am so glad you stopped by my blog. I am going to look forward to reading your post! I love what you have done!

Sandi said...

Great redo on your curio cabinet! Doesn't white paint just make everything better? lol

Amanda at 32˙North said...

The toile on the backboard really sets off your collections nicely!


Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Love what you did with this!! I used the red & white toile in my china cabinet. It just makes it stand out! Love it!

mizdarlin said...

I agree that even plastic can be transformed into something wonderful..like this little cabinet..and of course, your favouite and mine, toile, sets it off perfectly!

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

What a very pretty cabinet and I love all your treasures inside it!
Happy WW!

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Donna! I can't believe that cabinet isn't wood! Could'ave fooled me. lol! You did a beautiful job breathing new life into her. So pretty! :) Cute pic of you and the hubs in Paris, too! lol! You lucky girl!

Oh, my fav island we love to vaca on? Sanibel Island, FL. It's become our second home. We've vacationed there for over 20 years. We've never been to Savannah, but I hear a lot about it, how beautiful it is, and how nice the locals are. Someday I'd love to vacation there. :)

I am sooo jealous that you live by a HomeGoods store! The closest one to me is about 2.5 hrs away. Bummer. :( I'm dyin' for a road trip cuz I'm dyin' for one of those pitchers! Do they always carry them? I can't order online, can I?

How exciting that you saw Robert Redford! I always did have a crush on him too, and still do! He's still as yummy as ever, isn't he? :)

Until later, friend ~

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Donna--this is gorgeous!!! And you won't believe it--I have blue and white toile on my dining room chairs!! (We think alike!)

Heaven's Walk said...

Hey Donna ~ You are such a sweetheart! Thank you soooo much for keeping an eye out for that French pitcher. It means so much that you're willing to do that for me. What a wonderful friend you are! :)

Sanibel is like our second home. Even though we'd never be able to afford to purchase a home there, we love visiting...and someday we will spend our winters as close to Sanibel as our finances will allow. lol!

From my heart, I again thank you for your kindness and friendship!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Wendy said...

Don't you just love white paint! But my favorite is the blue toile you put in the back...wow what a great accent...beautiful! Can't believe it is plastic. Glad you saved her and brought her back to life :)

Debbie said...

ooolala...this looks so French, Donna! I love it! The crisp white, and beautiful blues. The backing is gorgeous, and perfect!!!

Christine said...

Hi Donna!
I have been meaning to swing by and tell you how much I love this cabinet. I concur with everyone...the fabric is divine.

You made me laugh out loud with your comment tonight...I feel a little bad though, I hope you didn't worry ;) See, I knew I was in good company!


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
Cute is right! I can't believe it's plastic! Honestly... you did a great job of transforming something that sounded awful into a beautiful little curio cabinet. Love the toile background, and your collectibles are lovely!
Have a wonderful day!
~ Jo :)

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

Selena said...

This blue and white looks hilarious together. The floral white design is to superb,traditional and fantastic.I love this type of Curio cabinet.