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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out With The Old!

Happy New Year!
Hope that you had a great holiday, it sure is hard to believe another year has passed.  Are you they type that makes resolutions?  Not me!  Although this year I do have goals that I want to meet, like becoming more organized, and getting back into my exercise routine.  I am afraid that I've become a real slacker and my treadmill has been gathering dust!  At any rate, it does feel good to have a fresh start with a new year ahead of us!

Today I wanted to share a few pictures with you that I took on our trip to Quebec City a few weeks ago.
 Aren't these murals amazing?!  They are on the sides of buildings in the oldest part of the city.  They are so realistic, that it feels as if you could walk right in and become a part of the incredible scenes!
 The murals, known as "tromp l'oeil", which means "to deceive the eye" in French, are some of the best examples that I have ever seen!
Look closely (you can click each photo again to enlarge), there are really  no windows on the side of this building!  It is all faux painting!
The above photo was taken on a trip to Paris a couple of years ago.  The Fromagerie (cheese shop) features  two floors of beautiful and realistic scenes.
And I showed you this faux painting the other day.  I painted a "stone" patio onto a concrete slab.
 And I couldn't resist sharing these last two photos of murals that were painted on the ceilings of a chateau we toured outside of Paris.  Can you imagine painting all of this laying flat on your back?!  Way up high?  Just amazing, don't you think?

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year! Your visits and comments mean so much to me! If it weren't for you all, I would be talking to myself, and that wouldn't be nearly as fun!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


mizdarlin said...

Love all the phaquerie, but especially the Paris fromage shop..that top portion was like fancy ironwork...amazing!
Have a Wonderful 2011!

Kim K. said...

I always enjoy coming to your blog for a bit of culture. Hoping 2011 comes to you with many blessings. Happy New Year!

Linda said...

The murals are really fabulous~ I'd love to see them in person! You've been to some wonderful places! Happy New Year, Donna!

Christine said...

Happy New Year Donna! I always love your pictures...

Suzann said...

Those "tromp l'oeil" (faux paintings) are so wonderful!!! I really thought there were windows on that building!!!
Thank you for sharing
Happy New Year!

Donna said...

You REALLY did get some fabulous photos in Quebec, didn't you?? Art is up my ally (see my last post, if you care to...) and this is really amazing!!
Your stone patio is terrific, as well! I did a faux scatter rug complete with tassels on the floor of my daughter's play house and was sooo proud if it.
These pictures are a great start to 2011!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing architecture and artwork, Donna! How lucky you are to get to travel to these beautiful places!! Thanks so much for sharing some of your travels with us. :)
Happy New Year!
Jo :)

Love of the Sea said...

Great photos Donna. Quebec City is such a beautiful place. It is like an undiscovered treasure. Hope to see you there next year!!

NanaDiana said...

Those are fantastic photos, Donna! There are a couple of those murals in Escanaba too that are quite good...but not nearly the depth of what you saw there! Wow! And those ceilings..oh..wouldn't you love to have those on the ceiling in your bedroom? Well...that was just the ceiling that came to mind...but any ceiling would do!'>)

I am so happy to have found you here this last year...you are an amazing and talented person..and I am happy to call you a friend. Hugs-Diana

Kim said...

Wow! Those murals are amazing!! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. Love your Heirloom white items as well!


Tete said...

Hi Donna! I love these paintings! About 10 years ago or so, Charleston and Mattoon- 2 cities closest to us- began hiring artists and having the sides of downtown buildings painted to brigthen up the downtown areas. They are so amazing and look so much better than just the old bare brick.
Thanks for sharing these. They are much more detailed and larger than what we have here.