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Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's a Glitterfest!

I know that many of you have probably been wondering just what has happened with all of my glitterWhat, you say, you haven't really noticed? 
Well, that's ok!  If you have been here for any length of time, you know all about my love affair with glitter.  Yes, I have even been referred to as the Glitter Queen!  And yes, I fully admit to my addiction!
I adore covering just about anything with glitter!  Having a bad day?  Break out the glitter!
So when I was at the Pottery Barn after Christmas and spied these adorable German glass glitter birdies, I just had to have them!
 One dozen of these darling little birdies!
 Just look at those sweet little faces!
 They were calling my name to take them home!  Now I wish that I had bought more!
So here I am on a Sunday, with a long to-do list that I really need to complete.  But no, instead I am playing with little glittery birds!
 Two of the little birdies decided to perch in a nest amongst glittered pinecones and acorns!

 They are destined for crafting projects, but for now I am having fun playing with them!

 Aren't they irresistible?

 Maybe you can help me come up with some projects to use them for!

 Ok, now that I am done playing, it's high time that I start working on that to do list...............
Have a great day!!


Christine said...

What a great find! Seems like you have a gaggle of them (lol), you could leave two in that nest--and do something else with the rest! I just rhymed--sorry! They are cute in there... Love them!

Donna said...

You have made a gem from stones...great idea...they turned out beautifully!!

Cindy Adkins said...

OH WOW--these are gorgeous!!!! Who can resist these glitter birds??? They're precious, Donna!!!

Tete said...

Poor little guys- there ought to be law about this.
Hugs- Tete
PS- I am shaking in my house slippers- I should have known it was about time for a glitter post...

Kelly said...

Those are just great! I bet they will come in handy when it's time to do fun Easter crafts!


Kim K. said...

They are so sweet. Those to-do lists can wait. Bring on the glitter!!!

June@I will craft said...

Very nice find. I can't wait to see all the ways you decorate with them.

Susan said...

We all need a 'glitter time' break from our day every now and then, right? All that sparkle keeps us happy. :)
Lucky you for finding those birdies. Enjoy!
(I love your blue pinecones, too).
- Susan

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Very cute! Do you know I bought some of that glitter before Christmas and I still haven't used it. I really need to sprinkle it on something!

Love of the Sea said...

Very cute little birdies. I didn't see these in PB. I would have scooped them up!!

Linda said...

These are SO cute, Donna...and they look wonderful in the footed dish with the pinecones!

Lynn Richards said...

These make me smile, Donna! No wonder you couldn't pass them up. You are going to put them in the BEST places, I just know it!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

These little birds chirped my name too, this year. I love them. I still have them out sitting in a nest in my big bowl of pinecones.
I love the arrangement you made. Very pretty. There is just something so sweet about their little faces.

Erin@likegrandmas said...

I am laughing, because it looks like they are all looking at you!!! These are adorable and I love how you put them in a nest on a pedestal!

mizdarlin said...

Love that 'birdbath' arrangement..and it's great that you agree that glitter isn't just for Christmas anymore!

Dacia said...

These are so cute!! Thanks for the blog visit and kind comment :)