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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Handy Hubby!

Sometimes I like to tease my husband and tell him that the only reason I married him was because he is so handy!  Of course, he has a good sense of humor and knows that I am joking!!  Of course, it is nice to be married to a handy guy!  Hubby can build or make just about anything. In fact, he is a licensed builder and built part of our home all by himself!

Today, I wanted to show you a beautiful shelf that he just finished creating.

I have been encouraging him to open his own Etsy shop, which he plans on doing as soon as he gets some inventory.  In the mean time, this baby is going in my Etsy shop.

 Hubby built is, and I painted it.  That's our agreement:  he builds and I paint!  I also distressed it and added an antiquing glaze.
 I love the way the distressing and glaze give it instant character!
 It's quite a bit longer than it looks, it's nearly 4 feet long!
I was doing alot of distressing today of my own projects that I am working on, when I realized that it (distressing) is a great stress reliever!  Maybe they should call it de-stressing instead!!
Have a great and (hopefully!) stress free night!!


mizdarlin said...

Lucky you..I would settle for a handy casual acquaintance!
I can never figure out how those floating shelves are mounted, or what holds them up..but then, I'm not very handy!

Love of the Sea said...

This came out great. What an awesome shelf or mantle piece!!

NanaDiana said...

That is a great looking shelf! Ah...yes I can see we have parted ways. MyHero is NOT handy...He says he would rather earn the money and pay someone than do handy work himself...lol...Well, hey, at least he KNOWS I didn't marry him for his handyman capabilities..lol My son, however, IS handy..so he inherited that from MY side of the family. The interesting thing is that my hubby grew up in a lumber yard family where it was all about DIY things.

Hope your day has been wonderful- xxoo Diana

Christine said...

What a talented guy! It looks great--you two make a great team. Let us know when he opens for business!

Suzann said...

Hi Donna!
You are such a lucky girl to have a handy man!!!
Thanks for stopping by for a visit and leaving the sweet comment!
Suzann xoxox

Tete said...

Oh, how lucky you are! My DH isn't allowed near any power tools and we are careful when he has a hammer. Just not his thing. I used to do all the home repairs. Now we either hire it done or I have to sit and talk the guys through it. That can be scary.
Love your new mantle. There is life outside of glitter. Glad you found it! LOL
Hugs- Tete

Rebecca said...

O.K. I'm coming right over and stealing him(or at least borrowing him). We don't get things done for years around here-my husband's not handy at all-he has his good points-but that's not one of them-but I sure wish it was- I have lots of plans in my head-Lucky you!

Erin@likegrandmas said...

Looking great Donna! I am glad to hear he's thinking his own Etsy, he's got a great eye(I mean, he married you, right?), but he is also great a making things better!

Linda said...

This turned out wonderfully, Donna! Your husband did a wonderful job on this! I love your enamelware pail project, too...your projects are so inspiring!

Cindy Adkins said...

Yeay John!!! It looks perfect!!! LOVE your shelf and love the distress paint that you did too!!! Perfect for Ooo...la la French Chateau!!!

Donna said...

You make a great pair...you BOTH do good work...it turned out fabulously!!!

Linda M. said...

Hi Donna, Thanks for stopping byt to say hello. I hope you can come back on Monday for my celebration. Lucky you to have such a handyman to help you make your home lovely.

Susan Allan said...

Hi Donna
I found you through Cindy's new magazine, Whimsical Musings and love your style. I too am inspired by nature and I shall pop by often to be inspired. What a fantastic shelf...he is a very handy person to have around.
Sue xx

Susan said...

Gorgeous shelf, Donna! You have a handy hubby indeed. Let me guess...you painted it Heirloom White? Hee hee
- Susan