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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What a Difference Paint Makes!

Hello Everyone, 
Hope you are having a great day!  The other day I promised that I would show you how we changed out the kitchen here in our new rental house in Washington.  If this were a house we were buying, we would've totally gutted the kitchen!  Yes, it was that bad!  I'll show you a "before" shot in a bit, but it really doesn't capture just how awful and dated the kitchen really was!  Everything in the kitchen, except for the appliances, is original to the house, which was built in the 1970's. Yikes!  So, the cabinets, counters, and floors all have seen better days, to say the least!  To top it all off, it was very, very dirty, and nothing was maintained.  Luckily, the owners said that we could paint the cabinets.  Good thing, as I hated them!  Granted, they are still old, but it's amazing what a good scrubbing and some paint will do!
So, we purchased a nice antique white shade of Beher paint, which I loved using, as it has a built in primer.  What a time saver!  We removed all of the knobs, and I spray painted them an oil rubbed bronze by Rustoleum.  Much more current than their former brass!

Ok, are you sure you want to see what it looked like before?
 See?  I told you it was pretty yucky!  And these photos actually make it look better than it really was!!

 Aaaaah!  Much better, I think!  Notice the "lovely" white globe ceiling lights?  Ugh!
 I like this area over the stove much better now! (sorry, I forgot to get a before photo, trust me, it was awful!!).  It feels so much better getting all of our accessories in place, so now it feels more like home!
 Here's a close up.  The yellow tray was bought on a trip to Paris, and the white greenhouse was a garage sale find.  A friend gave me the neat blue bottle, and she also gave me the French cheese carton, which I love!  Oh, and the bistro sign was from Hobby Lobby.  Sadly, there are no Hobby Lobby's around here!  So I will be having withdrawls for sure!!
 I bought this colorful canister in Greece several years ago.  I love buying things on vacation that we can use and enjoy (rather than the usual t-shirts!!).
More vacation treasures, from Italy and Paris!
 I've shown you this tray before.  I made it from scrapbook papers and a postcard from Paris.
Sorry, I couldn't resist the little pun on the usual "bon appetite", over Emily's doggy dishes!!

Our kitchen opens up into the dining area, which overlooks the Puget Sound and the Olympia Mountains in the distance.  Love the views!  But, get a load of this light fixture!!!  I think it is one of the most hideously ugly lights that I have ever seen!
I'm afraid my standard answer to everything, heirloom white spray paint, can't even save this ugly thing!  Notice the dusty, dirty smoked glass globes?  Ick!  So, my next challenge is to find an inexpensive chandelier at a garage sale or thrift shop that I can transform (with heirloom white, of course!).  I really don't want to invest in anything costly, as I know the owner wouldn't go for it!  So, when we leave, we'll rehang this ugly thing, and take the new one (once I find it, that is!) with us!

Well, that's it for today!  What have you made or painted lately?

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⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

LOL on that light Donna...I think I may have seen worse...but let me think about it...maybe not in a long time. You are coming along nicely, good job on the paint. What haven't I painted lately!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Those cabinets looked like they were stained plywood? It looks great now! Probably feels so much more fresh and clean!

NanaDiana said...

I was just headed off to bed but wanted to check to see if you had posted! Donna, you have done a LOT of work so far...and it looks SOOO much better. I will write to you either tomorrrow or Friday and play "catch up". It has been a long week- GOOD JOB gal! xxoo Diana

Restoration House said...

Just redid my cabinets too, what a difference some paint makes! Your redo looks great, so fresh and light. Dropping in from Show and Tell Friday.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Donna--Oh my gosh--this is totally AMAZING!!!! I can't believe all you've done--WOW!!! And I love all your treasures tucked in the cupboards...so adorable. How on earth did you do all this AND move in this short of an amount of time?

And little Emily--she even has her Bone Apetit corner--oh my gosh!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

P.S. AND you found time to blog? WOW!

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Donna!! Those lights!!!!
The kitchen doesn't even seem like it's the same one with the paint over everything--and the knobs, well. That was a great idea. You will get it looking so cute, I just know it!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

You are doing a wonderful job and the paint made such a difference on the kitchen cabinets! I would love to see that veiw everyday and the wildlife too!


Vintage Home said...

Wow...great job ...looks wonderful...I am amazed at the view you must have.....I am not that creeped out with the overhead globes or the fixture over the table!...I think the fixture looks like bentwood..is it metal or wood? My only complaint is its to high and if it where lower it would block the view,,,but s a bit more see threw than most!...Could you take those bulb globes off the chandelier and put chandelier bulbs on it and drop it?
You have done such an amazing job to make the kitchen open up and clean up!...looking forward to seeing more!


What if you bought a great chandelier and then take it with you when you go (like you said, you can rehang the rental fixture when you go-yeah, I agree, it HAS to go). The cabinets look so much better. Must feel good. I love your view. Holy smokes! Can't imagine starting out the day like that. I don't think I could ever have a BAD day! :-)


Kim K. said...

You have been one busy busy painter! WOW. The before and after shots are simply amazing. Who knew you could change knobs like that too with a bit of paint. I just made my husband come look at your pics. Lovely. Just lovely.

Kaybe said...

Hi Donna, Wow, you worked your magic on that kitchen.. I work for a big box hardware store (Blue one) Every dept has a clearance bin where special orders & display merchandise is sold. Always ask the dept manager if they have any chandeliers they need to move. I've seen $200 lights leave the store at 10 bucks. Just a thought.

Take good care,


Karen said...

Hi Donna ~ What a makeover! Everything looks so much better...fresh and clean. Your own special touches make such a huge difference!

Enjoy the views you have!

Love, Karen

Ido said...

Hello Donna,
Indeed paint makes a big difference, your kitchen loos great now. I have lived with a yellow kitchen for 5 1/2 years now with yucky brown cabinets, I'm just afraid to start painting them and then regret it. I admire your enthusiasm even that you will be living in the house for just one year. How long did it take you to paint all the cabinets? I'm just trying to get brave here and take the plunge.
Have great day!

Joanna K (aka Asia K) said...

What a transformation in the kitchen... fantastic job you've done! And I love the table and the chairs ;) Did you spray paint them, too? Do you use any special type of paint? I have been looking in here occasionally, always inspired to give something a new life myself and then... I just don't know where/how to start! big hugs, Joanna x

Karen said...

What a great job!!! and you are already making that place look like "home".. WHAT a VIEW!!!!.. it makes the old stuff worth while.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

The paint made a huge difference Donna! I don't know what to say about that light. Maybe just take the globes off and use a different bulb? I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Adam and Wendy said...

Looks great!! :) Do they have a Michael's or anything like that you can substitute for Hobby Lobby?

BECKY said...

What an amazing makeover! How fun is that??!! Ours could use an update, but it is definitely still workable, so it will have to wait a bit!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!! It looks lovely!!

Sares said...

You have been to Paris! I am SO jealous! Your kitchen makeover looks great. I agree about the merits of a coat of paint! You may need to do some makeovers but your view is outstanding. You can't beat that! Love that chalkboard, too cute!
Have a terrific weekend, maybe we will see the sun peek out at some point during the weekend!

saltbox treasures said...

Yes, paint makes a big difference. We painted our oak cabinets in the mudroom red. Your kitchen looks great! You can find some reasonably priced chandeliers on ebay. We have purchased several on ebay and from our local craigslist. I look forward to seeing what you find. Are you looking for something romantic shabby or industrial? It looks like your kitchen could pull off either one.
Your view is gorgeous!

debbie said...

If you couldn't have painted, the view almost makes up for it LOL. It looks great now. Just think what a can or two of paint can do to improve things.

Erin said...

First, this is a HUGE HUGE HUGE improvement,the landlords should be paying YOU. Love how you have totally opened up the kitchen with that white and the chandi isn't bad, but what the heck is up with those globes??? What is that??? I know you'll make it great, I have no doubt. And the place is looking fab Donna!