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Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Visit Pike Place Market!

Hello Ladies,
Hope you had a great long Memorial Day weekend!
On Saturday, hubby and I visited the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle.  It had been several years since we had been there, and I was so excited to be going again!  If you are ever in the Seattle area, this is a must see!  But, I would advise that unless you love crowds (I don't!), to avoid Saturdays!  It was a zoo when we were there!  There were so many people that it was difficult to walk, let alone take pictures!  i don't do well in crowds, so I was getting a bit frazzled, to say the least!
 We later discovered why the market was so busy, after spotting a row of tour buses parked down the street.  The cruise ship people had all made a pit stop to the market on their way to Alaska!
 The market may be best known for their flying fish!  Yes, you heard that right, I said flying fish!  More about that in a bit.  First, I had to sooth my jangled nerves with a glass of wine at the Athenian, the restaurant that one of my favorite movies "Sleepless in Seattle" filmed many of their scenes!
 Sorry this is such a dark shot.  The restaurant overlooks the harbor, which affords great views of the sail boats and ferries.
 Ok, after my glass of pinot grigio, I felt much more equipped to handle the elbow to elbow crowds!
 Lots of brilliantly colored blooms for sale!
 Aren't these bouquets just gorgeous?!
 The market is a great place to buy fresh fruits and veggies at the peak of their perfection!!
 Here is a glimpse of the famous flying fish market!
 I was drooling over the yummy looking berries.
 Ok, now on to the flying fish, that unfortunately I did not get a picture of, due to the crowds!  I don't know the history of how it began, but at this particular market, which has been featured on tv, they throw the fish into the crowds for people to catch!  I'm talking huge, whole fish! It is hilarious to watch, and the fishmongers put on quite the show!  It was worth battling the crowds just to watch them entertain us!!

 After the market, we walked to our favorite restaurant downtown, Anothony's on pier 66.  They have amazing fish and seafood, not to mention gorgeous views of the Sound!

Hope you enjoyed your little tour of the market!  Hopefully next time it won't be as crowded, so I can share more photos with you.  
Have a great week!


Kim K. said...

Gorgeous shots, Donna. Thank you for battling the crowds to share this with us. It's been since the mid 1980s since I went to the flying fish market while on a family vacation.

Holly said...

Now that is a very good idea, next time I go I will drink some wine first :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, this looks totally fabulous--I LOVE your pictures--they're amazing and I love them all!

Gaby Bee said...

Great shots! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

Gaby xo

The Bear's Blog said...

Well, it looked really interesting until the flying fish story. You see, I have a bone chilling, horrible fear of fish (whole fish, dead & alive, but we do eat a lot of fish).

I would probably pass out at something like that, but I just wouldn't put myself in that situation. Thank you for the warning, in case we visit Seattle. We would pass up a trip there. (o: I know, I'm a mess! But fear is fear.


sissie said...

Hi Donna!
Thanks for the wonderful tour of the market. I probably wouldn't do too well with all the crowds but I sure have enjoyed your photos.


Debbie said...

Wow! what a great place, Donna!!!
I'd, for sure, be buying some of those gorgeous bouquets to bring home.
Looks like a fun place to be. I wouldn't do well with the crowds tho. After about 30 minutes of it, I'd be NOT very nice.
So, so glad you are having fun out there.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

What a wonderful day you had! The flying fish thing I had not thought about for years. I was a Head Nurse for some 20 yrs and they were always showing us some video or class to impower our employees...you get the drift, one was the flying fish!!

mizdarlin said...

I haven't been there n many a year, but it is one of my all time favourite places! Love that whole area of Seattle, and if you get the chance, go and see the Underground Arcade of shops nearby the Pike Place Market..it's fabulous!
Thanks for reviving some good memories...

NanaDiana said...

Great post, Donna! Guess what? We have friends that are ON that cruise ship! lol I had forgotten all about that flying fish thing! Glad you had a nice day/weekend- you SO deserve it! Hugs-Diana

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I don't do well with crowds either. But this looks like a fun place to visit. I would love all the fresh flowers and produce. I guess it's something you have to experience once or twice. The fish mush have been hilarious to watch.

Rachel Noelle said...

Just found your blog thru Fishtail cottage!;) Do you live in Camano? My mother lives there and runs a hair salon off of sunset.(noticed you had a camano island fleamarket button on your sidebar) Hugs, Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Ava said...

Wow , love your photo's...wish I could go to these places, you make them seem wonderful!