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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glitter, Sparkle and Shine!

It's hard to believe that it's the first day of December, isn't it?! Just 24 more days 'til Christmas.....yikes!!
I hope that you ladies aren't tired of seeing my antique hutch, but I wanted to share with you today how I decked it out for the holidays!
Of course, you know my motto:  You can never have too much glitter!  This rings especially true at the holiday season around our house!
This hutch is one of my very favorite pieces of furniture, and it's usually one of the first areas that I decorate at Christmas.  Let's take a closer peek at what's inside!
Like many of you, I adore mercury glass!  For safety sake, I am using battery operated votives here.  I placed the votives on a little silver tray that was a garage sale find, and tucked in some faux greenery and some tiny little vintage Christmas ornaments.  I would love to find more of these!  I was thrilled to find the ones you see here at an estate sale this summer, for next to nothing!
I really love this cute little tree nestled on the urn, and the silver glittered church is so pretty, don't you think?  I'm not really a red person, so you won't find alot of it at our house at Christmas.  I try and stick mostly with a creamy, green, silver and gold palate.  If it glitters, so much the better!
My mom gave me these pretty glass trees quiet a few years ago.  Not sure if you can tell in this photo, but I have placed them on a little mirror to reflect the candle light of the mercury glass votive tucked in the background.

In this vintage cream urn, I have placed a cluster of decadently beaded grapes. Love!

My vintage silver creamer holds a lovely blue vintage ornament and some greenery.  Love these sweet little birdies!
This bronze lion bank, which belonged to my Dad when he was little, holds a place of honor on my hutch year round.  I like tucking pretty little mirrors here and there to reflect the light.
Cloche love!  When I was unpacking my decorations yesterday, I was so excited to discover this gorgeous glittered cardinal, that I had totally forgotten about!  I bought him last year, I think at Michael's.
See, no such thing as too much glitter!
This urn is another one of my favorite things.  I've filled it with some really pretty glittered green berries and some greenery.
Here's a closer look.
And since everything looks better on a pedestal, I placed this little birdie atop of a glass candlestick.  The ceramic bird actually used to be a different color, but I just had to spray paint him Heirloom White, and add some glitter, too (which isn't showing in the photo).  I didn't want him falling off his perch, so I used a bit of hot glue to attach him and some greenery to the candlestick, which was a thrift store find.  That way, I can easily remove him when I want to, as the glue won't give a permanent bond.

I still want to add some type of garland to the top of my hutch, but I am determined not to buy anything new this Christmas!  I just have way too many decorations as it is!  So that only means one thing:  I must make one!  So now I am off to check out all of your lovely blogs for some ideas and inspirations!  Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and romantic images, I lake it!
Kisses and nice weekend.

Kim K. said...

It's all so dreamy. I can't wait to see what you come up with for a garland.

Debbie said...

Your hutch looks beautiful with all the glitter and green berries, Donna.
How about a garland made from your music sheets? and those cute little glittered roses you make.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Donna,
Oh my goodness--I love the silver glitter and all your decorations!!! I wondered where you were today...lol I have been taking pics the entire day and can barely type...I wanted to come over to say "hi!" and glad you got to see the house!!!

June said...

Very beautiful displays. I think I need more glitter around my apartment!

Karen said...

You didn't mention that I'd need my sunglasses! LOL!

These decorations are so pretty....I love them all! You're way ahead of the game whereas I haven't started. Something is wrong with this picture!


Tete said...

That looks good! Oh, but that G word keeps popping up!
This blog is my therapy!
I love the little lion bank! I like lion things being a Leo.
You could make a newspaper garland- some of the posts have those and they are fun! You could do the G word to it and make it your own.
I need to get the rest of my shopping done! 24 days!
Hugs- Tete

NanaDiana said...

Oh Donna~ It looks beautiful..all glittery and sparkly and festive. I love your bird...and I love your cloche...but I ADORE your Dad's old iron bank...mostly because it was your Dads and holds so much meaning for you. That's the best part of it all..isn't it? Holding onto the memories of that which is so close to our hearts?

I am not buying anything new this year either. I have WAY too much...and No-it isn't cutting edge decorating this year but I have been too busy to shop...and...I can live with my "old" for another year...and some of the old I will always have because I wouldn't want to replace it.

Now...That I have seen all your glittery wonderfulness I think I shall go sparkle the old boy a bit. He will wake up and think that the fairies have visited him whilst he slept. uh...that would be THE biggest fairy that ever swooped down on him;>)

Have a great night- 3 more days of work for me-ugh- Hugs- Diana

Susan said...

Oh my, this is magical Donna! Thanks so much for visiting my new blog via WW. I'm glad I can return a visit here. We share a similar style. I told my husband this year's theme is 'French vintage glitter'. Your glitter and sparkle is delightful! Thanks for sharing and for the timely info on blog backgrounds & templates. I'm struggling with that now, too, and will check out your friend Tete's info. Hope your blog troubles are over. :)
- Susan

Kaybe said...

Hi Donna,
That is some Christmas bling - very lovely. I stayed away from the battery operated candles because they seemed to fakey for my taste but I used one in a display & I am hooked. I love them. They were not only beautiful but I didn't have to remember to blow them out before something burnt down. Of course there is no smell so I have a little essential oil diffuser for the smelly stuff.

Prior said...

24 days! Yikes...
I'm not tired of your hutch. It is decked out so lovely! Lezlee

Linda said...

I love all your decorations, Donna, and all the sparkle and shine. I especially love your little church and the bird under the cloche!

Lynn Richards said...

How sweet, Donna!!!! I adore the silver urn with the blue ornament. That just caught my eye with the little spring in it. Looks awesome. And of course, the bird on the candlestick holder.....I'm going to have to try that. LOVE it.

mizdarlin said...

Love your last bird on a pedestal best..looks so great..
That little cardboard church took me right back to my Christmases in the 50's when we had whole villages of these little houses and buildings and stuck tiny white tree type lights in them through the round holes at the back, but could only leave them on for about an hour or they'd get too hot and set the 'town' on fire!
Today's LED bulbs would be so much better..our houses had tiny glassine windows, so it really looked like they were lit by candlelight within..so pretty! Just like your very nostalgic little hutch scenes..love them!

Erin@likegrandmas said...

Love how this looks!!!! I like the simplicity, but the glitter gives it all that happy holiday smiley-ness that gels both perfectly!