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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

French Canadian Cathedral Tour, and a Surprise!

Bonjour Mon Amis!
It's another chilly day here at the Chateau!  We missed getting the snow that the weather people had forecasted.  While we already have several inches on the ground now, I was actually looking forward to a bit of the fresh stuff for Christmas!
Today I want to take you on a tour of the most beautiful cathedral.  It is Notre Dame in Quebec City, where we visited last week.
From the exterior, it doesn't look incredibly impressive.  But wait...........
This is the view that you are greeted with upon entering.  Pretty spectacular, don't you think?
We were the only ones there, so it was very quiet inside.  I had goosebumps!

The cathedral would rival any that we have seen in Europe.  Hubby and I love visiting centuries old churches when we travel, and we felt as if we were transported a grand Parisian Cathedral.
Isn't this stained glass amazing?
And more wow!
And look at the amazing ceiling!  I think I would have a hard time focusing on the message if I attended services here!  There is just so much to see and admire!
Thanks for coming along with me on my little tour! 
Now on to the surprise that I received yesterday from the UPS man!
Look at this gorgeous purse that I won!  Well, I knew I was getting it, but it was still exciting to actually open up the package!  Tamara over at The Greenhouse Diaries had a giveaway, which I just so happened to win!  She purchased this purse on a buying trip to Hong Kong.  How cool is that?  Tamara lives in British Columbia, and owns and operates a huge greenhouse business with her family.  If you visit her blog, you will see the most amazing site!  A huge greenhouse full of poinsettias!  So thank you, Tamara, for such a generous gift!  It was just like receiving an early Christmas present!!  Hopefully hubby and I will return to B.C. one of these days (we were there several years ago and fell in love with it!), so that we can visit her greenhouse, and tell her thank you in person!


Tete said...

So pretty- I have never been in any church like that! Love the purse!

Kim K. said...

That church doesn't even seem real...it's so beautiful. Every little detail is breath taking. I can see why you had goosebumps. Now, that purse is also something wonderful. It's absolutely divine!!

Kelly said...

That cathedral is STUNNING! And oh my, that purse is divine....congratulations on winning it!


mizdarlin said...

Whenever I see this kind of work, it puts my own little scribblings and crocheting, etc, in perspective..those were the real artists, the craftsmen who plied their trade, handled down from generations..goosebumps indeed!

Linda said...

What a stunning cathedral...amazing artistry! Congrats on the fun win, too!

Donna said...

Spectacular pictures!!! Thanks for bringing back Quebec!! What a great win...the purse is beautiful! I have a similiar one that I got a couple of years ago in Vegas and I know how much they cost...great prize!!!

NanaDiana said...

Oh...those pictures are wonderful...Beautiful cathedral. And...that purse? Well, that purse has my name written all over it!! If you look REALLY REALLY close at that little gold emblem in front? Yeah..that one...it has MY name in it...seriously...;>) I LOVE BC too~ Hugs- Diana

Feathers and Flight said...

Oh Donna! What a Beautiful Cathedral! That Type of Architecture is so Beautiful and Timeless! The Stain Glass Window is Amazing! What a Wonderful Trip and a Wonderful Purse!! Wow! You know My Husband and I Lived Just Out side of Vancouver for about 10 Years first Coquitlam and Later Maple Ridge. I am Wondering if your Friends Greenhouse is in Burnaby or Surrey. BC is Beautiful and Vancouver is an Amazing City!
Happy Tuesday Donna!

Anonymous said...

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