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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Confessions of A Glitter Addict!

Oui, that would be Moi!!
It's no secret that I love glitter!  You could say that I'm obsessed with it!  Lately I've just not been able to stop glittering just about everything in sight!  Well, I guess there could be worse addictions!!

I know that many of you ladies who live in warm climates keep your shell decor out year round.  Well, here in Michigan, shells somehow seem out of place come cold weather.  I had stored most of my shell creations for the season, but I was missing them!  So, I decided to glitter a few!  I've placed them in a spot of honor in this pretty little vintage silver creamer.  I just love the patina on it!

 And who said that only eggs belong in nests?  I couldn't resist adding a few of the glittered shells to it!
 Ok, can you believe that I actually didn't glitter anything that you see here?  But, sparkle counts as glitter, doesn't it?  I've added this little vignette, along with the above shells, to the hutch in our living room.  I really love these mercury glass votives.  I found them last year at Christmas at Michael's.  This little birdie decided to land on one of the votives that I turned upside down, and I've placed inside a battery operated votive.  Who says that items have to always be used for their intended purpose?

The other day, I found myself outdoors applying spray glitter to this little nest that I had found, and I thought to myself that I surely must have lost it!!  I told you, I am an addict!!  Look what's inside this little nest.....glittered acorns!  I just couldn't help myself!

While I was at it, I glittered some pinecones, too.
I painted this cute little birdy cream, then coated him in a dusting of glitter!  The wreath that you see below normally hangs over our bed at the holidays, but I stuck it here just for the "photo shoot"!
I made it last year from very tiny little pinecones that I collected.  It took a ton of them, plus lots and lots of hot glue (not so mention a few glue gun burns!).  I wanted the pinecones to appear as if they had been dusted in snow, so I very lightly coated it with some Heirloom white spray paint.  And then topped it all with some glitter, of course!!
I really love these pretty little pinecones.  I think they look like tiny little roses!
Here's one last look.  Hope you all are having a great day.   
Now, go out and glitter something!
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Christine said...

Yeah, lately I need no prompting to glitter stuff! I love the wreath-that mix of nature with a little sparkle! Perhaps we need a support group for those of us with glitter on our clothes?

BLISS angels said...

Count me in too I have the same addiction. everything always loks better with some frosting... so frost away I say
Hugs wendy at http://blissangels.blogspot.com

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

My husband always asks me why he is always finding random pieces of glitter everywhere. I too, am a glitter addict. Is there a glitter addicts anon somewhere? I'd look for one but I have to run to the local craft store....glitter paint is on sale!

Karen said...

These be-glittered items look wonderful! I WANT glitter!

Tete said...

OK, are your trying to do me in? My heart rate is up and the cold sweats started with the 3rd photo. I may pass out...the room is spinning...I see spots.
Oh, this will either cure me or kill me...LOL
Hugs- Tete
It all looks wonderful...in your house...LOL

Kelly said...

Wow you are a glitter addict! BUT, it all looks great!


NanaDiana said...

Okay, Donna-You are now officially the Glitter Queen! I'm just saying...I hope that poor little ole bird was able to fly away before you spray painted his nest with glitter! Can you imagine being a bird and coming home and finding THAT? Surely, your instinct would tell that this IS your nest...or IS it?

I'll bet you go to bed at night with glitter here and there and your hubby wakes up thinking he has fallen into Fairyland...either that or he is sure he has gone down the rabbit hole (Alice In Wonderland).

If I ever come and visit you I am wearing my protective outer garments just in case I catch you on a "glittering day". After all, I might be bright but I don't want to be shiny!>) Hugs-Your WI friend..xxoo Diana

Linda said...

The shells look lovely for winter when they're glittered...I think I need to do a little glittering!!

sissie said...

Well, I've been wearing glitter all over myself for several days now!!

Love the glittered shells.


oldgreymare said...

Put down the glitter and seek professional help immediately. : 0



Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You and I friend! I can see us both at the next Glitter Anonymous Meeting!!

Kim K. said...

You and I are definitely kindred spirits. I love love love glitter. In fact, I just finished glittering acorns this evening. I'll be posting them on the blog after Thanksgiving. I turned them into miniature toadstools to hang on my feather tree at Christmas. Your shells are just delightful!

Love of the Sea said...

Love the glitter pine cones. And of course the shells. I am going to try glittering this weekend.

tales from an oc cottage said...

You go...I mean...GLITTER girl! And you tell those naysayers that shells are NOT just for Summer any more!

m ^..

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Donna,
Oh my gosh--pure BEAUTY!!! Love it all!!! WOW!!!

Sarah said...

Oh, we all have our obsessions; glitter seems like a great one to have!

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

You go girl..get that glitter on.

Sandi said...

Hi Donna,
I think you like glitter as much as I do! ha! Beautiful items that you have made all pretty and sparkly!

Anonymous said...

I love all of your glittery goodies, Donna! What a great idea to add glitter to your seashells... love it... my fav!! :)

Suzann said...

Hello Donna,
I just love the idea of glittering the shells...what an idea!!!
Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images Donna!!!


Erin@likegrandmas said...

Addict or not, I love it all. That birdnest is terrific and I have lots of shells just sitting and waiting. Thanks Donna!

Debbie said...

Hi Donna...that nest with the pinecones and acorns is AWESOME!! I love it!!
I'm going to glitter some shells to put out for the holidays too...thank you for showing those.