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Friday, May 11, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

Hello everyone!  Our time spent in beautiful Colorado brough to mind the old John Denver song.  Colorado is truly one of the most gorgeous states that I've ever visited! Right now we are driving across Nebraska, and are bored out of our gourds!  We were spoiled with such stunnning scenery for the past 11 days.  And to put it politely, there is not a whole lot to see in the corn husker state! I took so many photos while we were in Colorado, that I'll share more in future posts.

 We've driven nearly 2,400 miles since leaving our home in Washington State, and have seen some amazing sights!  One of my favorite towns in Colorado that we stayed in was Breckenridge.  It's a beautiful ski resort, and since it was off season when we were there, it wasn't crowded in the least.
 We passed thru Vail on the way there, climbing in our motor home to over 11,000 feet!  Adjusting to the altitude was a bit challenging.  I found myself easily out of breath, headachy, and very thirsty! But, I loved the time we spent there, and can hardly wait to return!
 Vail was a very ritzy town!  Check out this gorgeous vacation home, below!
 No recession going on here!
 We liked Breckenridge much better.  Even though it was a very popular ski resort, it was much more laid back.  And this is the view we had from our campground!

 I do have a funny story to tell you about the campground we stayed at in \Breckenridge, called Tiger Run RV Resort.  I had called them earlier in the day to make sure they had room for us, for one night.  Well, the woman that I spoke to neglected to tell me that their office, and security gate closed at 5pm.  We arrived at 5:45, only to find a locked gate, and a sign that said "If you don't have a reservation (we didn't) and arrive after hours, we can not accomodate you"!  I was near tears!  There wasn't another campground around for miles.  Not one!  And we had been driving all day and were tired.
 Well, we saw another camper there, who suggested that we walk to the clubhouse and see if there was anyone there that could help us.  Tiger Run was a very "fancy-schmancy" campground, complete with an indoor pool and hot tub, tennis courts, and more.  We normally stay at pretty low key places like state parks, but thought it would be a nice treat to stay here, especially since there was no where else to camp in the area.  Hubby walked into the pool area, and started chatting with an Australian guy who was using the hot tub.  He told hubby that he owned two lots in the campground (each spot is individually owned and rented out), and we were welcome to use his extra spot for a night or two!  When we tried to pay him, he refused!  I told hubby that he was our Aussie Angel!    So, we were both very,  very happy and much relieved!
 The campground also featured lots of cute little chalets that were available to rent or purchase (I was shocked to find out how expensive they were, as well as how pricy the campsites were to buy!!!!).
 Have you ever seen such a funny looking vehicle?  This hummer, with it's own "greenhouse", belonged to a fellow camper.
 Breckenridge was full of quaint and historic buildings like this.  Love the pretty gingerbread trim on this cute old house turned shop!
 Downtown Breckenridge.
 The ski lifts were right in town!  I bet it's just gorgeous here in the winter!

After Breckenridge, we spent the night in Golden, and last night at Estes Park.  Colorado was truly the highlight of our cross country trip!  We plan on getting back to Michigan in a few days.  While I look forward to being in our own house again, I really do miss my old "home away from home" in beautiful Washington State!
Have a great weekend!


Debby said...

Colorado is beautiful. Two of my children live their with their families. I visit as often as I can. Did you go to Frisco.....a little town near Breckenridge....it's a neat town.
So much to see.

Debbie said...

I remember how sad you were when you found out you had to move. Now you are already missing your old "home away from home". I'm happy you found some joy while you were away, Donna. Wait until you pull into your driveway...you will feel even more joyful to really be "home".

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

My cousin runs a dog sled team in Breckenridge.
I was thinking about it, and you are giving your Mom the best present she could have for Mothers day...you back home!

NanaDiana said...

Well, Donna. It sounds like you are having a great time on your way home. that is quite a campground story. What a neat place to stay...even if it did take some doing to "get in". Blessings to you and safe journey- xo Diana

Kim K. said...

I can't wait to get back to CO. Your pics bring back such lovely memories. What a fabulous way to travel back to MI. Hugs from Sault St. Marie.

Bente said...

What a fantastic trip. You live in a beautiful contry.
Get home safe.


Annmarie Pipa said...

lucky you! gorgeous pictures...the state should pay you for your advertising!

Suzann said...

Hello Donna,
I was thinking about you this morning and then you visited my blog....must have sent vibes to each other :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pictures you have shared with us. Sound beautiful....and your pictures are awesome!!!
Will be visiting again to see more pictures of your trip.
Have a wonderful Mothers Day and Be safe my friend!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Donna,

"Bee-u-tee-ful" photos, thank you for sharing.

How is Miss Emily? I miss hearing from her. Can't wait for you to be home so we can write back and forth.

Heaps of Hugs ♥

Anonymous said...

That stream banks with the small chalets is enchanting... was it mined for gold at some time or other?

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh WOW, it's soooo gorgeous!!! I hope you are having a really good time!!!! xo Cindy

Laurel Stephens said...

I enjoyed your commentary and photos. I've never heard of camp grounds owned by people. Sounds verrry upscale! I love stories like your Aussie angel that restore faith in humankind. Thanks for sharing your trip.