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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not So Home Sweet Home

Hubby and I returned to Michigan late Sunday night, after living in Washington State for the past year.  We were shocked to find the condition that our renter left our home in.  Originally, we weren't going to rent out our house, as I just didn't like the idea of someone that we didn't know would be living there.   But, my cousing who was our realtor at the time persuaded us to rent it out.  Well, she broke her lease early, and in 8 months time left our once beautiful and sparkling clean home in total shambles.  Almost all of the carpet was ruined with dog pee stains, and the stench from it all was overwhelming.  Needless to say, I've been in tears since we got back. Also, the hardwood floors in our bedroom not only were deeply gouged, they smell of dog pee and cigarette smoke, though no one was supposed to smoke in the house.  She ruined much of our yard, that we always took pride in, killing large areas of grass.  The list goes on and on.  She never cleaned, so I spent the entire first day throwing out the trash she left behind, and cleaning and sanitizing everything in site.  She also painted huge black and white checkerboard on the walls of our loft, and her teenage daughter wrote graf


Kim K. said...

Oh my. I'm so very very sorry that this happened to you, Donna. How awful. What a horrible thing to come home to. Sending you lots of hugs!!!

The Bear's Blog said...

Oh Donna, I am horrified. My heart breaks for you 3, is there any way that you can go after her legally? And I certainly would have a strong word with that cousin.


sissie said...

I know you must be devastated Donna. Shame on that dreadful person. Just be glad that she is gone.

It will take some work but I'm sure you'll be able to return your home back into your home.


NanaDiana said...

Donna- I am soo sooo sorry that you are still dealing with this. Thank the good Lord that you have that motor home to stay in while you do the work. I am sure you are beyond disappointment. I will email you later...xo Diana

myric andreasen said...

Oh Donna, I am very sorry to hear that. I really hate when people do that. I am pretty sure It is going to be very lovely once you give your touch to it again. I would help you if we only live close :(

lots a hugs