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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Not so Home Sweet Home

Hubby and I returned to Michigan late Sunday night, after living in Washington State for the past year. We were shocked to find the condition that our renter left our home in. Originally, we weren't going to rent out our house, as I just didn't like the idea of someone that we didn't know would be living there. But, my cousing who was our realtor at the time persuaded us to rent it out. Well, she broke her lease early, and in 8 months time left our once beautiful and sparkling clean home in total shambles. Almost all of the carpet was ruined with dog pee stains, and the stench from it all was overwhelming. Needless to say, I've been in tears since we got back. Also, the hardwood floors in our bedroom not only were deeply gouged, they smell of dog pee and cigarette smoke, though no one was supposed to smoke in the house. She ruined much of our yard, that we always took pride in, killing large areas of grass. The list goes on and on. She never cleaned, so I spent the entire first day throwing out the trash she left behind, and cleaning and sanitizing everything in site. She also painted huge black and white checkerboard on the walls of our loft, and her teenage daughter wrote graffiti all over the walls. To add insult to injury, the insurance adjuster said that our policy (the one our agent assured us would cover any possible damage she might do) didn't cover any of it. They only would cover if she had burnt the house down!
On top of it all, we have a neighbor from hell (who thankfully doesn't live next door). He had caused us grief on and off over the past 10 years, as he doesn't like that our dock is right across the road from his house (even though we have legal right to be there, and have deeded lake access). He's had lawyers send us threatening letters over the years. We hadn't even been home 24 hours, and he filed yet another complaint against us, and a police officer showed up at our house telling us to move our dock.
I would much rather talk about decorating or crafting or other fun things, but right now things are just too crazy. I tried uploading some photos to shown you what we are dealing with here, but we have a very weak connection til we get Comcast installed. So, I humbly ask for your prayers, that we find a bright spot in all of this mess. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Kim K. said...

I'm so sorry that this is what you've had to come back to. How awful. Please know that I'm sending prayers and virtual (((hugs))).

janzi said...

Oh you poor darlings what a terrible mess to come back to... and to add insult to injury the ins package doesnt cover it..I think I would sue everyone I could including the estate agent, or realtor you call them... How people can abuse property that is not theirs, is beyond me... in the early days when we rented, we always made sure it was spic and span and got the deposit back.. It wont take long to get it back to clean again, but time and money to get it in the condition you left it.. dont fret too much -left empty you might have had squatters move into it and they would be much harder to get rid of and ruin it more... so thinking of you as you haul out the mess, but, tomorrow is another day and it will get to feel better soon.. all the best, J

Tete said...

I left a comment, rather a long one, but it just disappeared. But this second posting explains about the insurance and you have pictures, which was one of my points in documenting all that you have to do and I am so, so ,so, sorry you came home to such a mess. You don't worry about blogging about cute stuff and all of that. WE are concerned about you and how you are. I know this such a big thing for you guys, but you will get through this and that stinkin' old neighbor- well, just tell him to get a number and stand in line. One idiot at a time!
I would tell him I would move that dock as soon as he bent over.
Praying for your sanity, for things to work out, and for you neighbor. He's going to need help, too, if you go after him with the broom.
At least they didn't plug the drains and leave the water on. They would have if they would have thought of it, I'm sure.
Well, roll up your sleeves. You can make it into anything you want now. New paint, new flooring and a couple bottles of wine and it will be ok.
Take plenty of photos and keep all your receipts.
Take her to court.
Hang in there. And find a new insurance agent.

The Bear's Blog said...

It's me again. When I read your post the first time it wasn't complete. Yes, you are in our prayers and I am putting you on our Church prayer list.

I still believe that there is legal justice to be had. Somebody has to be held responsible.

Be strong.


Blondie's Journal said...

My gosh...this made my heart ache just reading it. I know you are just devastated. I get a little crazy when I come home from the lake and find how the kids have left the house! But I do feel really bad and I am saying some prayers for you right now. I agree with Tete...get to work and make it into the home of your dreams again. I'll be thinking of you.


Bente said...

Oh, I`m so sorry for you. I`m shocked how people do treat others property. Hope everything goes well.

Hugs from me

Susan said...

Oh, this is heartbreaking Donna! I can't believe people can have such disrespect for another's home. It's not a very friendly welcome back for you, not to mention the timing of the rude neighbor. I will say some prayers for you, dear friend. Before you know it, your home will be 'yours' once again and you will be comfortable there with all the good memories to go along.
Take care,


Debby said...

That really stinks. Why was it necessary to trash your home like that. I would see about taking them to small claims.
I know what you mean about deaded acccess to your dock. When we had our cottage our boat dock was a block or so away. We had to walk across three yards to get there. We had a golf cart to get there. The people with their cottages that we had to cross put up little fence things so we had about one foot to get through. We sold that cottage. I miss it but not that hassle with the dock.
(((((HUGS))))) and prayers

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I am so sorry to hear that you came home to such a mess. Some people are so disrespectful of other's property. I hope you will be able to make your home livable soon....just hate that you're having to go through such a horrible situation!

Karen said...

Donna, as I said in my earlier email to you, I am SO sorry that you and hubby came home to such a horrible mess to your beautiful home. There are professionals who know how to handle situations similar to this. Don't let these wretched people get away with this!

You're in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to talk with you soon. I've missed you Sis!

Love, Karen

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh Donna I am so sorry..I was so happy for you to go back home. I would be heartbroken if someone treated my home like that. To your renter it was just a house..to you it is your home you love.
Thinking of you and hope things get better soon. hugs..Ann

Suzann said...

I am so sorry to read how awful to come home after a year to find your beautiful home in such a mess!!! How can anyone treat someone else's property with no respect.
I hope there are no permanent damage to your home and I know you will feel so much better when you get everything back in order.
Suzann ~xoxo~