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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've Been Featured!

I had the nicest surprise when I awoke this morning!  My sweet friend Cindy over at I Owe It All To Him featured me on her blog as a guest artist!  She showcased my latest chalkboard creation, and came up with the neatest idea:  How about having a mental chalkboard where we list all of our worries and ask God for blessings in our lives!  Rather than worrying and fretting about something (like I am oh so guilty of doing!), just put it on the mental chalkboard! You can read her posting here.
I don't know how much time that I've spent in my life worrying about things that never happen!  So now I will make an effort each time that little worry monster pops into my head to visualize the chalkboard with my list of worry's and cares!  I would like to add another idea to Cindy's:  How about a mental chalkboard that lists things we are thankful for?  My list would include such simple things as a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning, a walk in the woods, to a gorgeous sunset!

So thank you Cindy for not only featuring me and making my day, but for the great "mental chalkboard" inspiration!  I think that's an awesome idea!!  If you are a regular follower of mine, you know that I usually don't talk alot about this sort of thing, but I thought this was so important that I wanted to share it with you!  I am going to try my best to become a "non-worrier" (which is no easy fete as I think the worry gene runs in my family!) and remember that mental chalkboard instead!


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Donna,
Hmmm, maybe as far as worrying, I might need a bigger space on the chalkboard...lol Actually, I'm one who just likes to get things solved and then not give it another thought, but some things for sure we don't have control over--so best to put it on the board.

I love this pic of you and your hubby from the wedding...you guys are too adorable!!!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Congrats on the feature! A mental chalkboard, great idea. I could fill mine up pretty fast.

Love of the Sea said...

Hi there from Quebec! You know I love the chalkboard because it matches my tray. And I wished I wrote smaller as I would make it mine. I will go check out Cindy's post - love the mental chalkboard concept.

Linda said...

Such a nice feature, Donna! Cindy is a sweetie!

Lynn Richards said...

great, great idea!!! i really need to put that idea to use this week!! and next week...

NanaDiana said...

Donna- How nice of Cindy to do that feature about you on her blog. She picked the perfect person to profile!>) YOU!! People out here in Blogland are wonderful, aren't they?

I used to worry a lot more than I do now. I think my biggest worry, of course, is my grandchildren...and wishing I could spare them some of the agonies of living...of mean kids...of illnesses....Yep- I think that is my job...worrying about them! Hugs- Diana