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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Parisian Bedding, and I've Been Tagged!

Hope you all are having a great day!  We finally got some much needed rain here in Michigan this morning, so now all of my weeds  flowers are happy!  I never showed you the bedspread that we picked up when we were in Paris this past May.  Here is a close up of it.  Isn't it pretty?  We found it at our favorite street market, which is a few blocks from the hotel we stay at.  Anyway, we just so happened to buy our blue & white toile bedding from the same man about 6 years ago (you can check that out here).  We had never seen him since, so I was so excited to see him and his wonderful bedding again!
While we really didn't need any more bedding, I knew that if I passed this up, I would regret it when we got home.  It took me awhile to pick it out, but this was my very favorite!  The only problem was that it had a bunch of stains on it, since this was one that he kept on display and draped over the the railing of his tent.  And he could only find one of the sham covers.  He told us he would look for it, if we checked back later.  Well, he didn't find it, but I really, really was in love with this set!  I figured with a little work,I could probably get most of the stains out.  And he was only asking 40 Euros (about $50 USD) for it, so I really couldn't resist!  Well, when we got home I used my trusty Oxi-Clean on it, letting it soak a long time before washing (I had to do this several times).  I was amazed that all of the stains came out!!  The sham had been badly stained, so I figured it was a lost cause.  I was thrilled that they came out looking like new!!
I really wish I had two of these shams, I still am not totally happy with how the pillows look.  Now that I see our crocheted shams in this photo, I realize how flat they look!  Time for some new fluffy inserts!  And I would like to get a couple of small pillows to go on either side of the Euro sham, as it just looks like something is missing to me.
Here it is on our bed.  The neat thing is that the comforter is reversible, the other side is just like the sham.  I really do love it, and for the price, I just had to bring it home!!

I've just been tagged!  My blogging friend Christine, over at Christine & Co. 
posed these 8 questions for me! So here goes!

1. Who is your favorite actor, and what is the role they played that made them your pick?
Do I have to pick just one?  Ok, Morgan Freeman.  Love him, he is just so versatile!  Can't think of the first movie that I saw him in, but I really seem to love everything he appears in!

2. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Christmas!  Aside for allof the commercialism, I think it is just so magical, and so full of meaning!
3. What is your least favorite holiday and why?
New Year's Eve!  I won't get on my soap box about drinking and driving, but I just don't feel safe being on the road that night!  So we cozy up & stay in and enjoy champagne at home!!  Plus, I hate making resolutions (not that I ever keep them.  ha!)

4. Why did you start a blog?
It's all my sisters fault!  She got me addicted and helped me set up my blog.  So I am blaming you, K! :)

5. What is your go-to comfort food?
A nice glass of Pinot Grigio. Ooooh!  That's right, you said favorite comfort food!   That would be potato chips, or pizza, or chocolate.  Sorry, I couldn't pick just one!
6. If you could choose to be any animal, which one would you pick?
A dog, of course!!

7. Do you have a pet (or pets)? If so, what are their names?
Yes!  We have a very spoiled cocker spaniel named Emily (Emmie for short).

8. What is your typical daily wardrobe?
Ha!  I always worn my hubby not to nominate me for TLC's "What not to Wear!"  At home I am all about comfort!  In summer time that means shorts, in cold weather that means hoodie sets (love my hoodies!).  When I am working, I wear whatever is comfortable, too!  I am big into comfort!!

Thanks Christine!  That was alot of fun!
Take care, ladies, have a great day!


Christine said...

I know it's hard to pick one actor! I love Morgan Freeman too...Thanks for playing, it's fun learning more about my blogging friends!

I have to say I felt a real pang of regret yesterday as I drove by two of my favorite craft and art supply stores! It's only day two! LOL...I can do it!

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

I'm with you on Morgan Freeman, I've watched all his movies.

The bedspread is beautiful, I love how it looks on your bed, it's perfect.

Going out on New Years eve is like playing Russian roulette.

mizdarlin said...

That is a gorgeous coverlet-just my style!
I recently found, at my favourite thrift store, a beauty-not really an antique, but antique style like yours in pink and white stripes with flowers and shams-brand new-for $12!!! One of my better buys..

Tete said...

I love your new bedding and when you got it all put together- it's just wonderful! So, so pretty and I'm glad you got the stains out.
Oxyclean works great, if you haven't tried it!
Love your questions and answers!
Morgan Freeman started out on the Electric Company and I watched him when I was a kid and then I think the next thing I saw him in was Robin Hood.
Great actor and I love your cocker- had one a long time ago.
Have a great day- Hugs- Tete

sissie said...

I love your Paris bedding and that bed is 2die4!


Karen said...

Love the new bedding! Thank heavens for oxi-clean! I depend on it often.


Love of the Sea said...

Love the bedding....looks great with the blue bedskirt. And I am a hoodie girl too and all about comfort.

NanaDiana said...

Wow! What gorgeous, gorgeous bedding! I would have a hard time deciding which side to display. I love the floral but also love the sweet simplicity of the sham cover. I feel bad for you that he couldn't find the other one....darn it all! but, hey..one is better than NONE!

Oxi-clean is amazing, isn't it? It gets out so much grime that you think will never come out! Love the stuff! Diana

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Donna,
I love Morgan Freeman too...he is so excellent. AND I love your French bedding--gorgeous!!! I don't think it looks too flat..I think it looks European...love it!!

And loved reading the questions and answers...so fun!!!

Gabriele Agustini said...

I love, love, love Cocker Spaniels! I had one called Buddy and he was awesome!
Emily is a gorgeous girl! What a shiny coat!
I'm one of your Followers now. :)

Linda said...

Your bedding is so lovely and I enjoyed learning more about you, too! Your Emily is too adorable!