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Friday, April 30, 2010

A few spring blooms

Hello and happy Friday!

Spring is my very favorite time of year, and it has been a great one here in Michigan!  Actually, today feels more like summer, with temps in the low 80's!  It was such a gorgeous day that I spent about every second outdoors.  I snapped a few close up photos of what's blooming in our yard right now.  I love to garden, and have quite a few flower beds.  Last year I finally realized that because of this, our yard is really high maintenance!  Oh, to have a full time landscaper!  At any rate, I will show you more of the bigger picture soon as my flower beds start to fill in.

Here's a close up of euphorbia, most commonly known as "spurge".  I love the bright chartreuse color, and bees love it too! It looks great in a rock garden, but be careful to put it where you don't mind it spreading, 'cause it can really take over!  Smells good, too!

I just love this little froggy!  He's watching over a patch of grape hyacinth.
Love the bright pink creeping phlox. You should see my bleeding heart! It's huge!

I love violets!  And I was so happy to see my lily of the valley starting to bloom!  they should be out in full force in a few days.  Check out this neat Jack in the Pulpit!  I've got some in the shade gardens in our back yard, and the woods surrounding our house is full of them!

That's it for today.  Have a great weekend.


Anita said...

Omg Donna, your yard is beautiful! We moved here last summer so I am just now trying to get the yard into something like I had back in GA. I miss my old yard but look forward to what I can grow here. First thing in was 2 hydrangeas! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Hi Donna ~ What part of Michigan do you live?
always Happy to see another Michigan Blogger....
Love the Flowers ~ Lily of the Valley are 1 of My Favorites (Lilacs are my other)
Have a Great Weekend (not suppose to rain the whole time)

NanaKaren said...

I hope this comment doesn't disappear as the 4 others did earlier today!

Your flowers are gorgeous and I can tell that you've given it lots of TLC. Froggy is really cute!