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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Snow Days

With temps in the single digits here (don't even ask about the wind chill factor!), staying warm and snug indoors is tops on my list!
I snapped these pics as we were getting blasted with snow today, all from the comforts of our nice warm sunroom.
We love feeding the birds.  Not only do we have multiple feeders, but even a heated birdbath!
So I imagine our backyard is the most popular in the neighborhood!
 We've been fortunate to have 5 pairs of cardinals visit each day.  They are just gorgeous, especially against the white snow.
The pine tree that you see is actually our Christmas tree.  Hubby puts it out each year to provide much appreciated shelter for the birds.
 Look closely at the above shot.  There is a little red squirrel sitting beneath the gazebo feeder, feasting on the fallen seeds.  He seems totally oblivious to the snow!
A pretty female cardinal and  purple finch are waiting and watching for an open spot at the feeders.

 Isn't he the cutest?

 The birds really love having fresh water.  Just look at those icicles!

 This little guy was out for the longest time.  He was so cute all dusted in snow!
Cardinals are one of our very favorites.
 I was so excited to capture a shot of a male cardinal in flight (below).
Notice him in the center upper portion of the photo.
 And another cardinal in flight, below!

 And where does Katie hang out during snow day?
Why, perched on a window ledge in the sunroom, of course!
 Not only does she enjoy watching all of the wildlife in the backyard, but she loves soaking up all of the heat from the registers directly below the windowsills!
Keep warm and cozy!


Musings from Kim K. said...

You are so good to your birds! Such beautiful pictures, Donna. Stay cozy!

Susie said...

Donna, I love your photos. I need to get a heated birdbath. Truly. We have many feeders. We love to feed the birds. But our baths freeze over so quickly. Your dog looks so sweet lying there. Blessings to you and your husband. Stay warm. xoxo,Susie

Joyce Mayer said...

Katie Bug sure knows where to stay warm and cozy while still being the backyard snoop. (o: Some of those photos would make beautiful Christmas cards for next Christmas. I think our cards cost $8.95 to print. I can give you the exact information.

Keep warm and safe.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Beautiful snow pictures. I always love pictures of cardinals in the snow.

Jan Tanis said...

Katie looks right "at home" there on that window ledge, I can understand why she loves it! I've always enjoyed bird-watching and especially the Chickadees! Since living here in southeastern Michigan nearly 10 years, I've not seen even one of them! I miss them! I used to have bird feeders out and enjoyed watching them but since putting up the walls to make our courtyard {which was started even before getting any of our Pups}, and having pavers inside the walls...there is no place to put a bird feeder anymore. And I certainly don't want to hang one or two from our porch, then the seed would drop onto the pavers and I'd have seeds sprouting up in between them. Oh...well...I can see photos like yours of the birds and squirrels feeding!! Love it!

Jan Tanis said...
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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Donna what amazing photos! I too love the cardinals and feeding the birds is something I love to do. At my old house we had a heated bird bath also. Makes a big difference in the icy weather to those lovely creatures. Katie is adorable.

Bente said...

Oh Donna, this is a beautiful winterpost. I love the birds, and the red ones are my favorites. I can understand you are populare with feeders and warm birdbath. Love the photos, dear Donna.

Warm hug from here

Little Miss Maggie said...

Great photography, Donna. However, I have a wind chill factor of my own just looking at them. It was 30 degrees here last week and it just about immobilized us. Stay warm and enjoy that sun room. You have a great view.

Debbie said...

Awesome pictures of the birds, and cute squirrel, Donna!! Love the ones of the birds caught in flight!
Katie has the best spot in the house to watch all the wild-life.
Wonderful post!

Rose L said...

So exciting to get cardinals! Wish we had them here in Oregon. We do have plenty of squirrels!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Beautiful pictures Donna. Katie knows the best spots for napping and watching the birds.
I love cardinals, but we do not get any in CA. My birds are so spoiled, bird baths, fountains for bathing
and lots of seed for them. Even the hummers get into the fountain and take baths.
We did have rain today, which as you know is much needed here in SO CA.
Love days that are rainy and cloudy instead of sunshine ALL the time. LOL Crazy lady that I am. I always want to iron on days like today.
Stay warm and hugs to Katie girl.

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Donna, love this post. Katie is so cute on the ledge watching the outside activity. LJ and I enjoyed this post together as we love feeding the birds too. Cardinals are one or our favorites. You captured some great shots and the in flight photos are great! Usually cardinals are so territorial when feeding. So to see them gather with other birds and the squirrel is amazing. The snow is so pretty covering the feeder. Stay warm and cozy inside. Puppy kisses to Katie!!

Okio B Designs said...

More snow is on the way here! I have to try to take some pictures too. Yours are just lovely. Lucky little birdies!


Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Such lovely pictures of a beautiful snow day! I love feeding the birds and squirrels and watching their antics! Cardinals are a favorite of mine too, our state bird in fact! They are so beautiful with their bright red intensified against the white snow! Thanks for sharing! Hugs,Leena