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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Views From Our Cross Country Trip!

Hello Ladies!
Hope you all have had a nice weekend.  After more than 2,500 miles, we are finally here!
I thought I would share with you a few photos from our trip.  The first few are in Montana.  The scenery was gorgeous.
The photo below was taken in Idaho.  I never knew much about Idaho except potatoes!  It is a beautiful state, one of my favorites that we passed thru.
After we got into Washington yesterday, we stopped at the Columbia River Gorge.  The photos just do not do it justice.  It was breathtaking!
I was a bit freaked out by the sign below!  Fortunately, I did not see any snakes!

More of the Columbia River.

This is our home away from home!
 Today we drove thru the Cascade Mountains.  I wish that you could have seen it in person, these pictures just not do it justice!  And, it was snowing!!!  This lake was even frozen over, hard to believe that it is the middle of April!
 Lots of steep climbs, and lots of curves, glad I wasn't driving:)

 We finally made it to the campground today, that we will be staying at for the next 10 days, til we can move into our house.  This is the view from our 'backyard"!  We are so happy to have found a nice place, as most campgrounds that we've found in this part of Washington are really dumpy, to put it mildly!  This one has two small lakes, with ducks, hiking trails in the woods (which Emily loves!), and some really fancy big rigs!  We have "Rv-envy"!  This is the nicest place that we have stayed at on the entire trip out here.  It feels so good to know that we are here, and I can finally do a little crafting and blogging!
So now I am off to see what you all have been up to!  Thanks again for all of your support during this journey and transition to a new state.  I really appreciate it more than you know!


Linda said...

I am looking forward to hearing about all the new adventures...lovely country...thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

Kim K. said...

I've been scrolling up and down on your post taking in all your beautiful pictures. I want to take the girls on a trip across the country. Such inspirational photos. Best wishes with your new journey. Keep the pictures coming. HUGS!!!

Karen said...

Hi Donna.....So glad to hear that you're safely there! The pictures are wonderful. Do you feel like you're still moving? That was quite a long haul.

Now you can kick back for several days until you move in to the house. Have fun settling in and checking things out. Also, crafting and blogging.

Just heard our weather forecast for overnight. SNOW! Oh well.

Love, Karen

Tete said...

So glad that you got there safe and sound. The photos are beautiful and the campgound looks very nice. Love the water fountain...kind of reminds you of Paris?
When does hubby have to start work? Maybe you two can scout out the neighborhood a little more while you are waiting to move in. Just so you know who delivers what kind of food so you don't have to cook the first few days as you unpack it all!
You are going to have the best time and to get there in time to see everything start to green up and bloom is going to take your mind off of home, I hope. Just think of all the treasures you are going to find!
Have a good evening.
Hugs- Tete

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Donna!
Oh my gosh--"Home at last!" What beautiful country you traveled through--It really is spectacular. And your campground is beautiful too--what a wonderful place to relax, unwind, and craft!!!

kim said...

Donna so glad you are there and have found a nice tempoary home. We did this trip a few years ago and I loved every mile--so beautiful. I hope you can travel down the coast through Oregon too --my sister lived out there and it was one of my favorite places to go visit her. Enjoy learning about your new home away from home...time will go very fast. You will love the fields of flowers and all the roses, hydrangea's, berries growing wild...oh the list goes on.....

NanaDiana said...

Glad you made it sister! Love that your temporary place is a nice one-even if it is only for 10 days. Hmmmm...the old boy will be eyeballing those big expensive RVs and I'm pretty sure that will be your next BIG purchase! lol You can have one for about a cool half-million!;>)

I just got home too from our weekend and catching up on a few blogs. We'll "talk" tomorrow! xxoo Diana

blessedmom's simple home said...

What beautiful scenery you passed along the way! That RV park also looks like the perfect camping spot, although I know you're anxious to get into your own house.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Your trip reminded me of the places we went as a family when we went out west for 5 weeks one summer! The campground looks so serene. Take care!

mizdarlin said...

Ah, yes, just another boring, beautiful site on the Northwest Coast! It does look pretty there, and before you know it, you'll be in your new home, rearranging everything and busy as anything..have fun in your last 'vacation' days before settling in, but watch the weather-changes every five minutes-sun to rain to hail or snow all in the same hour..I think we invented layering!

Karen said...

What beautiful country.. lucky you to get to explore new territory! - enjoying your posts...

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Glad you made it there safely. Looks so beautiful there. You had quite the journey. It won't be long now and you'll be in your house!

Love of the Sea said...

Awesome photos Donna. I love the spot you are camping in until you can move into your house. Wow it looks so beautiful there. Seems like it was an amazing adventure. Can't wait to follow the progress as you discover you new city. Hope that all goes smooth and John enjoy the new job. Keep me posted. Xoxo.

Erin said...

Donna, those are some spectacular views!!! So glad you are seeing these sights and what a great adventure, to see all of this and to share it. I appreciate it and thank you, for who knows if I'd ever see it otherwise!

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

What gorgeous photos!