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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Quick & Easy Birthday Card

Hello ladies, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Today is my oldest sister's birthday, so I thought I would show you the card I made her. Since she reads my blog, I had to wait til she received her card to show it to you!

I began by making the card out of this pretty pink cardstock with a tulip design.  I had these adorable cupcake dimensional stickers, so I thought they would be perfect for her card.  But first, I needed another piece of pretty paper to mount them on.  I searched thru my big stock of decorative papers (I have quiet a bit!) and found nothing that would even remotely go with the pink tulip paper!  Nothing!  What to do? I had a bit of a brainstorm when I noticed that the cardboard insert in the package of cupcake stickers was pastel polka dots!  I thought it was a perfect match, so I cut it to the size I wanted, then used decorative scissors to trim the edges.  I then used "Zots" to adhere the cardboard.  I love them, they really stick!
Since you can never have too much glitter, I added some of my Aleen's dimensional glaze to the top of the cupcakes, then around the edges of the card.  I dusted my Martha Stewart glitter over the glaze, and really loved the look, thought it's a bit hard to see the glitter in the photos.  I then added a pretty sheer ribbon that I tied in a bow around the card.  The card still needed something more, so I broke out my stash of buttons.
My sister loves buttons, and so do I!  Must be part of our DNA!  I used my Zots to adhere them.  As a final fun touch, I used my mini cupcake rubber stamp to jazz up the envelope.  There you have it!  A birthday card that's easy as pie cupcakes!


NanaKaren said...

Hi Donna ~ I really love the card you made me! Thank you again! And, now we all know your card-making secret....ha ha ha.

Love, Karen

Anita@GoingALittleCoastal said...

Oh my, how cute is that! Homemade cards are always so special and this turned out so cute.

Christine said...

This came out sooo cute! Nice job using what you had to make the project work-love when that happens! I love doing a coordinating touch on the envelope too...

kimmykats said...

Brilliant using what you had on hand for a quick fix. The card in lovely… our loved ones really appreciate the thought that goes into a handmade card. Thank you for sharing.

Linda said...

Such a cute card...and the cupcakes look good enough to eat!