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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Garage Salen!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

I really wanted to link up with Debbie Doos fantastic Garage Salen Partay, even though I don't have many things to share with you today. The past two weeks have been slim pickens at garage sales!  I think it may be the combination of the holiday, and the steamy hot weather we've been having!  Anyway, what few sales I have been able to find these past two weeks either don't have much that I really need (or want!), or else they are just one big junk fest!  And I mean junk!  I was at a huge sale the other day that I'd seen advertised, and was very excited about.  Well, I get there and while it was huge, it was like a "junk-o-rama"!  Stuff piled haphazardly, and most everything didn't even have prices on.  So I left empty handed.  Phooey!

I do want to share with you what I think will be my all time favorite find of the summer, that I picked up at a yard sale last weekend.  The woman had beautiful things, lots of vintage goodies such as milk glass that I love.  I had to force myself not to buy any, as I already have lots of it!  Well, I have been wanting one of those plaster head/bust thingys forever, but the ones I have seen are way more money than I am willing to spend.  I was so excited when I spied this little guy at her sale! Isn't he precious?  There was no price on it, and I was almost afraid to ask her, thinking it surely would be expensive.  I almost fell over when she said it was 50 cents!  Yes!  I could hardly believe my ears!

Right now I have him in our bedroom, and I am trying to figure out just how I will accessorize him!
At another junk treasures sale last weekend, I did manage to find this wooden letter organizer for a buck. Boring, I know, but just wait til you see what a little paint and decoupage can do!  I plan on redoing it similar to the one I recently showed you, that you can read about here.

And since I don't have any more recent finds to show you, I thought I would share with you some gorgeous prints I found a year or so ago at a yard sale.
Sorry for the glare, I was having a really hard time photographing these!  Anyway, I spotted this set of 3 tropical flower prints in dark brown bamboo looking frames (which don't show up well in the pictures, I am afraid) for only 75 cents each!  I had to do a double take and make sure the stickers didn't read $7.50!  The are perfect in our living room, and look so much prettier in person!  So hopefully I will have better luck at finding some good sales next weekend!  What treasures have you found lately?

I have been busy packing our motor home today for a quick camping trip.  We are leaving tonight as soon as hubby gets home from work.  We are going to one of our favorite areas in northern Michigan, wine country!  Yes, you heard me right!  We have wonderful wine regions thru out Michigan, and the area we are going to has gorgeous wineries and tasting rooms that would rival any of those in Sonoma or Napa Valleys. Now, I am no wine snob, by any means!  I shop at Trader Joe's for bargain wines!  But one of my favorite things to do when we travel is visit wineries and do some wine tasting!  Since hubby is the designated driver, I get my samples, and his!  So I will be sure to share with you some pictures of our little getaway next week!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Keep cool!


NanaKaren said...

Nice finds! Have a fun trip to wine country!

Karen said...

Oh my... your sure had a great posting for someone who is leaving on a little camping trip to the wine country. I'd be in a stew by now.
I love your little "plaster head/bust thingy". What a deal!
And the other things are very nice as well.
Be sure to post about your trip. We'll all want to know how it turned out. Wow! Northern Michigan. You wouldn't believer the beautiful TV ads we're getting these days about Michigan. It must be beautiful in the summer. I've been there in the fall though it's it a bit chilly for this South Texas gal.
Have fun!
Ladybug Creek

Debbie said...

Oh he is adorable too! 50 cents! WOW...love those prints too, very pretty! Thanks Donna for thinking of the party..so thoughtful of you. Enjoy some of the other cool finds, and I will see you soon again. Debbie

mizdarlin said...

Fifty cents? *groan* Lucky you..he is truly a beauty..Sometimes one great find makes up for all the Gar-bahge!

Jami said...

Hi Donna!

I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger Award!

Please stop by my blog sometime to pick it up!


Olive Cooper said...

Your bust is a handsome fella. The price is splendid! I am visiting from Debbie's. Have a fun trip! ♣olive

Christine said...

Hi! Hope you have a fun trip! I can't wait to see what you do with the letter organizer...

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

He is so cute!
I was thrilled when I found my bust head lady thing, too!
The prints are so very lovely!
Different and cheery!
Have fun with your hubby and enjoy your "samples"!
Be safe!

Linda said...

Great finds, Donna~ I especially love the bust!

Donna said...

Beautiful treasures!!! Gotta love bargains like these...wow!

Kathy said...

Hello Donna!!!!
Just found you and noticed your from Michigan!
I'm from Cadillac...my daughter lives in Glen Arbor up by sleeping bear sandunes and we spend oodles of time in Traverse City!
Love finding other Mich. bloggers.
Enjoyed looking through your blog and will certainly follow to keep up with all your up to.
Stop over anytime..love to have you!
xoxo~kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Kim said...

You have found some fun things. Have fun wining in MI--I've been up there myself :).