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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let's Go Island Hopping!

Hello Ladies!  Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day weekend!  Today the hubs & I flew down to Kelley's Island, Ohio.  It's just a small island in the middle of Lake Erie, and is a short 45 minute (or less) flight away.  The first photo is of an island called Put-in-Bay (a funny name, don't you think?).  We went there about a month ago, and it's just before you get to Kelley's.

Here we are, getting closer!  I love how blue the water looks!

We bought some neat folding bikes that we put in the back of the plane.  That's hubby above, in front of his airplane.  The bikes are only single speed, which means you really have to work hard peddling!  My thighs were burning!
Isn't this a pretty sail boat?

Our first stop was this fun little winery, for some wine tasting!  Well, wine tasting for me, as hubby is the designated pilot!  I also enjoyed a glass of sangria.  Yum!

Check out the cork border, which they have going around the entire tasting room!  That's alot of corks!  I snapped a picture (a bit blurry, sorry!) of this old couple in a vineyard that I thought was really neat looking.
Isn't this house amazing?  It's huge, and made of local limestone. I really love the cuppula  at the top.

Ok, this is my absolute favorite house on the entire island!  I just love the gingerbread trim, and the white picket fence.  I love Gothic style homes, and this one is just so charming!  There is a great front porch with rocking chairs, and across the street is Lake Erie, so they get fabulous sunset views, I am sure!  I would have no problem living in such a gorgeous home!

Below is the harbor, there were a ton of boaters out today.

I really like this house too.  The trim work and color is lovely!

Another boat.
It's hard to tell in this photo, but this house us totally made of stone, and makes me think of a cottage in a Thomas Kincade painting!

The photo below is the end of the runway.  It looks like you are going to run out of room & head straight into the water!   No worries, though!  It's just an illusion!

The remainder of the pictures are islands we flew over on the way home.  Lots of fun, sun, & great exercise, which I am sure I will feel tomorrow!


NanaKaren said...

Great pictures! I love the white gingerbread house too....very sweet. Sounds like you two had a wonderful day.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Lovin' that white house too. Thanks for the geography lesson I had no idea there were islands in the lakes up north. Nice place to live.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~