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Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Swans are Growing!

It's a rainy morning here in Michigan, so much for the gardening and spray painting that I had planned today!!
A few weeks ago I showed you the baby swans that live on our lake, and today I thought I'd give you an update on their progress.  Saturday night after we got home from our camping trip, we took a little boat ride on the lake (even though I was dead tired, I really wanted to see "our" swans"!).  I took the camera out, and a couple slices of bread, and sure enough, we spotted them near shore.  After bringing the boat to a stop, the swans started swimming over, guess they knew we had a snack for them!  It's so funny, because if they see a boat that has stopped, they will occasionally approach, figuring they are going to get a hand out!

Here they are, swimming towards us.  I think it's just so darn cute how they all swim in a row!  That's Papa Swan in the lead, always the protector!

Wow!  They have really grown alot since I took their pictures a few weeks ago!  Pretty soon they will be at the awkward "teenage" phase!

These little guys are hungry!  Hubby was tossing them out pieces of bread, while I was snapping away.  I love how they hold their little feet up on their backs!

That's a piece of bread mid air (upper right), in case you were wondering! :)

They are just so cute!  Their feathers still look downy, but they are starting to turn a bit grayish.

Here's Papa up close and personal, keeping a watchful eye on us.  He was hissing the whole time at our little dog!  She wasn't barking at them, but was very excited!

These last two pictures were taken two weeks ago.  See how they've grown?

Well, since it's raining, I think I just may have to head to Hobby Lobby today & get some more craft supplies.  Good excuse, huh?!
Hope you ladies have a great week!


Green Willow Pond said...

They are adorable! We have swans every year on Thunderbay River in town, but I've never been that close to them.

Anita said...

Oh, they are so cute. Reminds me of when we were little and we would ride our bikes through the cemetery. Sounds creepy but it was the only spot that was paved to ride bikes. There was a lake with baby ducks and we brought one home hoping to keep it but of course had to bring it back!

NanaKaren said...

Isn't it amazing how they have grown?!! They are SO cute. I'd be very watchful with regard to the Papa....they are quite territorial and protective and can be MEAN!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
Happy WW!! I love the way you transformed all your goodies to lovely whites. They look great!!
I especially love the family of swans. Those little baby swans are soooo cute!! Thanks so much for sharing them wih us!
Have a great day!
~ Jo

kim@kimmykats said...

Oh the babies grow so fast! Our parents have taken their geese babies off to greener pastures so no more baby watching here! I have stray kittens growing in my flower bed though.....