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Monday, January 27, 2014

Greetings from South Georgia!

Bonjour Ya'll!
After weeks and weeks of bitterly cold sub zero temps and lots of snow storms, hubby and I have escaped the frozen tundra of the Midwest and headed for warmer climates!
So, we loaded up the motor home, Katie in tow, and hit the road!
 Here is our home away from home.
 It is such a treat to see green again!  The warmer temps seem too good to be true after our never ending arctic blast back home!  Notice all of the moss hanging from the trees?

 This pretty palmetto is also in our "yard".
When we first arrived a few days ago, it was chilly and in the 40's.  Still warm by our standards!  Today it is in the low 70's and just perfect!  Wish I could have brought you all along!
While it is supposed to get cold again the next few days, we are in for another warm up. Anything beats single digit temps (for a high!), and well below zero night time temps!

 There are many hiking trails here at the state park we are camping at.  One trail overlooked this swampy area, so different from our landscape in the midwest.

 Ewww, what is this?
On our hike yesterday we were quite surprised to see this armadillo.  Katie went nuts barking at it, as we just don't have these creepy looking critters in Michigan!

 Speaking of our Katie, today she turns one year old!
Hard to believe she went from this...............
 to this................
 and this...................
 So quickly!  I snapped this shot of her today here at the campsite.  She was enjoying my reclining lounge chair outside.  What a pretty girl!
I'll be sure to share with you more photos of our trip in future posts.
Keep warm, and have a great day!


Trisha said...

Happy Birthday sweet Katie girl! Hope you are all enjoying the warmth of the south!


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a fun road trip, Donna. Happy Birthday, Katie. I'm so glad you are enjoying some well-deserved warmer weather. As much as I love winter, this is getting ridiculous and very dangerous. Take lots of pictures for us snowbound folks.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Enjoy the warmth and the winter break! Katie is such a cutie!

Joyce Mayer said...

♫ Happy Birthday dear Katie, Happy Birthday to you ♫

Hugs & Woofies
Molly & Jessie ♥ ♥

BECKY said...

Yay Donna! So glad you're getting to see some green and enjoy warmer temps! They'd have to drag me kickin and screaming out of Florida! We have almost year round sunshine and green...and armadillos! LOL! I sat out front on my chaise this morning and just soaked in the beauty. I love snow pics...but prefer bare feet and 80 degrees!!
Have a wonderful time! Pooch sure is a cutie!

NanaDiana said...

Happy Birthday to Katie. She is so cute, Donna. Listen, I see a lot of Spanish moss hanging from the trees there. You do know about chiggers, right? Be careful because they are in that moss a lot of times and it is miserable if you get them. The burrow under your skin and you have to smother them to get rid of them...before you scratch your legs off. You probably already know that....

Anyway, have fun. Wish I were in the campsite next to you- yes-I do! xo Diana

Okio B Designs said...

Two words: I wish! I wish I could escape the chill. I've had enough of winter already. Enjoy your time and once in a while think of us who are still freezing our tooshies off. =)


The Polka Dot Closet said...

That is the CUTEST puppy ever!!! She is so adorable...Happy birthday! So glad you got out of Michigan, you must be headed our way, it is going to be 85 tomorrow here in Orlando!


Twinkle Terrior said...

Ahhhwwww.....sooooo sweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE !! Glad you all are defrosting in the warmer temps. I think we are all ready for SPRING. Have a great time!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Katie is adorable. So glad you found some warmer weather!

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Oh Happy Birthday Katie dear. She is such a pretty girl. Give her a big hug and kiss from us.

So glad that you have found warmer weather - enjoy it and have a great vacation.

Jan Tanis said...

You picked a wonderful time to be away - with our coldest of cold temps of the season here for another 2 days here in Michigan! Have fun and Happy Birthday Katie - you're looking great!! Such a sweet face! ♥

Celestina Marie Design said...

Hi Donna, So glad you are enjoying some warm weather. Your home away from home is a lovely spot. Happy Birthday to sweet Katie. She is a pretty girl and has grown so much this year. Give her a puppy hug and kiss from me.
I can imagine she did not like the little Armadillo. LOL We have them in Texas too.
Enjoy your time away and have tons of fun.

Mary Clewley said...

What a wonderful treat...to escape this cold Michigan weather! Your campsite looks delightful...and little Katie is absolutely precious. We had a cocker spaniel named Freckles...because she had freckles on her nose. Greatest dog ever. Still miss her.
Wherever you are, I hope you are warm, as it seems to have hit most of the U.S.
Have Fun,
Stay Safe.