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Friday, May 17, 2013

Demi Johns and Thrifting Finds

Bon jour, Mes Amis!
It's such a beautiful day here at the chateau. Sunny, mild temps and no humidity! Sure wish we had more days like this!
Today I thought I'd share with you a few fun finds that I discovered at a church rummage sale yesterday.  This particular sale happens every year, and is worth getting up early for!  Most church rummage sales around here are mainly just a bunch of junk!  And often so overpriced!  But this sale has tons of goodies, and great prices, too!
I was super excited to find this adorable little vintage demi john!  At only a quarter, I just had to bring it home with me!  The cork was broken in two, so I removed it and will replace it with a new one.
Love it!
 I created a little vignette on our kitchen counter, along with the white wine basket carrier (another garage sale find from a few years ago).  I just had to paint it and add the little wine list tag!
 The demi john below is actually a reproduction that my mom gave me a few years ago.

 (darn, sure wish there was a way to hide that unsightly outlet!)
To the right of my new little demi john is another vintage one, again a yard sale find from a few years back.
I've also added a pretty blue and white plate to the vignette, a gift from my mom.
So I guess now I have an "official" demi john collection!
 I was also excited to find this vintage wire basket.  Not sure what it was originally used for, but I loved the shape and quickly scooped it up! I gave it a good scrubbing, and will be putting it in my Etsy shop.
 For it's photo shoot, I couldn't resist displaying my demi john's inside!
 Love that look!
 I could hardly believe my eyes when I spotted this large vintage mirror at the sale!  Good thing we got there early:)  There aren't any maker's marks on it, but it is similar to Syroco, and in excellent condition.  Of course I will be painting over that oh so gaudy, and oh so shiny gold!  It too will be making it's way into my shop!
 And last but not least, I couldn't resist sharing a photo of Katie, napping on the sunroom floor!  I picked up the little stuffed doggie at the sale for her, and she loves it!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Donna,
What great finds at the church sale. I love your collection of demi johns. I have a couple and love them too. I adore that basket and remember those from gym class in high school or something very similar to hold our gym clothes.
That mirror you found is gorgeous. When you add your touch it will be even more stunning.
And, of course the little girl is precious. Look how she is holding her little toy. Way too cute!! She is getting big too.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Japolina said...

love your collection!

Susie said...

Great finds at the church rummage sale. I like the way the demijohns look in the basket. Oh no, it's that cute dog again.LOL. It looks so sweet holding it's own little doggie. :):) xoxo,Susie

Joyce Mayer said...

Oh, Katie Bug is so precious. Look at that sleepy little face. Sigh...

Blondie's Journal said...

I was hoping you'd toss in a picture of Katie...she is so precious!

Great score on the demi John (did I spell that right?) I know they go for an arm and a leg on Ebay. And yes, I would say you have a collection now!

The mirror is going to be beautiful painted! The detail is gorgeous!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Love all of your wonderful finds!! The demijohn was an amazing find...a quarter!? I found one awhile back in the thrift store and my mouth just dropped open to see it on the shelf...you just don't see those at sales! The basket and the mirror are wonderful, too! I can't believe how big Katie is getting!

Musings from Kim K. said...

You really did score well at that sale. You always do such a good job with your vignettes. Have fun transforming that mirror! It's beautiful. Katie is just precious. Love her with her stuffie.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the demijohn and the vignette you created. That mirror is going to be gorgeous...but not as gorgeous as Miss Katie!


Tete said...

Church rummage sales around here are only good for about the first hour and then all of the good stuff is gone! Love all your finds. Katie must just wear herself out! She is so precious.

Little Miss Maggie said...

Great collection of demi Johns. That frame has great bones. I bet the makeover you give it will be fabulous.