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Friday, August 5, 2011

Drab to Fab Chalkboard Makeover

It seems that I am continually on the hunt for large frames that I can transform in one way or another.  I especially love making chalkboards from these once cast off, and often quite unattractive (when I find them, at least!) frames.  So, when I found a large vintage syroco type frame a few weeks ago, I was super excited!
I'll show you what it used to look like in just a bit.  Here it is after I gave it a much needed makeover!

 Ok, are you sure you are ready to see the "before"?  I told you that it was in dire need of a transformation!  And I am sure that the cashier at the thrift shop where I found it at took one look at me and thought "the poor dear, she doesn't know bad taste when she sees it!"  This photo actually made it look better than it was in real life!  The gold tone of the frame made it look even more "plasticy"
Ok, I know that you are shocked that I did not use my standard Heirloom White on this piece!  As much as I love it, I thought the frame would be pretty in a nice pure white.  What a difference paint makes, don't you think?
 Instead of looking cheap and plasticy, the frame now has the appearance of carved wood, I think!
 I used my chalkboard vinyl on this one.  I love the clean look it has, and you can use chalk paint pens on it, too. I'm going to be in a flea market in our town in a couple of weeks, and I'm taking this beauty with me!
Much better looking now, don't you think?
What have you transformed lately?


Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, Donna, you are the queen of transformations!!! It looks SOOO fantastic!!!


Linda said...

That looks wonderful, Donna! I bought some of the chalkboard vinyl recently and am looking forward to playing with it!

BECKY said...

This is so lovely, Donna! I might have to give it a go! I can get some pretty cheap artwork at a local thrift store! You sure know how to work some repurpose magic!!

Hope your weekend is delightful!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Wonderful transformation Donna!! The plain white is perfect!


Kim K. said...

It's just gorgeous. Even the stand with the chalkboard is the perfect touch.

Kathy said...

FABulous transformation, it is just lovely.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Now it is a great work of art!! love it!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

You really know how to recognize a diamond in the rough...and then do something about it!!!

Tete said...

I turned chicken into supper...does that count?
Love all your projects...I have tons of things under beds that I need to dig out and start painting...but no glitter.
Hugs- Tete

Debbie said...

Woohooo! this looks wonderful, Donna! but...no glitter? hmmmm.
Looks like you are keeping busy out there!

Love of the Sea said...

You make the best chalkboards!! LOVE this one. I see Washington has been good for your creative juices!!

Ido said...

Hi Donna,
That chalkboard frame looks great, I still haven't done one of those. Wishing you luck at the flea market!