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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vintage Crocheted Tablecloth

And other white lovelies!
 Hello Ladies!  It's getting closer to one of my favorite blogging days of the week again, White Wednesday, over at Faded Charm! Where we all can share our love of white, cream, and all shades in between!
So today I wanted to show you my pretty vintage crocheted tablecloth, that I picked up a few years ago at a garage sale.  You might hate me when I tell you a bit later how much I paid for it!!
 It is in near perfect condition, with no rips or tears.  While it is just a tad small for our table, I still really love it!  I've even used it as a pretty Christmas tree skirt!  Can you imagine all of the work involved?  I think it actually may have been made as a coverlet for a double bed.  It would be gorgeous that way, don't you think?
 Here is a close up of some of the detail, as well as a shot of my pretty candlestick holders, also a garage sale find!
 And I just had to share with you my African violet, which has been blooming her heart out!  Isn't she gorgeous?  A fine antidote to one of the coldest, snowiest winters that I can remember in a long time!
 Here's another close up of all of that lovely handiwork.  Can you imagine how long that must have taken?  The woman that I bought it from said that her Aunt had made it many years ago.  I felt a bit sad knowing that she was willing to sell something that her Aunt had obviously put so much of herself into.  And I was shocked to see that she only wanted $5.00 for it!  You read that right, $5.00!  Sold!
 Ok, I hope that you all aren't tired of seeing things that I paint white!  I don't have a before shot of this pretty framed vintage print, but it definitely needed a bit of tlc!  The frame is a plastic Syroco type material, and it looked, well, plasticy when I first spotted it a few weeks ago while out thrifting.  So I couldn't wait to cover the original dingy yellow with a soft shade of cream.  Aaahhh!  Much better!  Look at all of the details of the frame!  You would never guess that it's not made of carved wood!!!
 And I adore this gorgeous mountain and cottage scene.  Wouldn't you love to live there?  I've put this little cutie in my Etsy shop, but I thought I could enjoy it for now, at least!
 So I have her displayed on my hutch on an easel!

 I showed you the "before" of this mirror a few weeks ago.  While I really liked the way it used to look, I bought it to put in my Etsy shop, and knew that she (geez, I guess that I call everything "she"!) would be oh so pretty with a fresh coat of cream paint!  Made of very heavy resin, the frame actually looks like carved wood.
 Look at those beautiful flower!  And below is what she looked like before her makeover!

 And here she is reflecting some pretty candlestick holders that I just painted turquoise.  Ok, I am cheating a bit by showing something turquoise, I know!!!
 And I guess I will close with a last bit of shameless self promotion by mentioning that the candlestick holders are available in my Etsy shop as well!
Happy White Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful whites, Donna! Love the picture frame and mirror!
Have a great week!
Jo :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, Donna, what a gorgeous tablecloth--and $5.00--oh my gosh!!! And I love the frames...that oval is pure dreaminess! And I know those candlesticks will fly right off your shelf--they are so retro--love 'em!!!

Kim K. said...

$5 for that lovely tablecloth!! Wow! I'm glad you are able to enjoy and appreciate it. It's just divine. I love the turquoise too. It's very Tiffany's!

Chris @ My Arty Attempts said...

Knowing how long it takes to make a crocheted tablecloth I would have been very upset. I love crochet but my hands limit how long I can go at it. My best enjoyment was crocheting in Taxco Mexico while my husband was paragliding. Our maid was very interested as she crocheted too. I gave her my hooks and a huge K Mart bed linen thread. I got so much pleasure at her joy. It was all good

mizdarlin said...

I kind of collect different thread crochet items, and have a few crocheted tablecloths..I know what you mean, it is astounding, and kind of sad, that people let them go for so little, but then, if they charged what they were worth, the people who genuinely love and appreciate all the work wouldn't be able to buy them (well, I wouldn't be able to...) still waiting fo my African Violet to quit pouting and start blooming!

NanaDiana said...

What a find for $5.00! I have one my hubby's grandmother crocheted sometime in the 1940's...and it, too, is in wonderful shape. To me, it is priceless...and I can't imagine someone selling something their AUNT made for $5.00...well..their loss and your gain. Loving all your frames, Donna. Especially that mirror! Hugs- Diana

Cheryl Palmer said...

I have to tell you that I made a tablecloth extremely similar to that in the 70's. When I first started it took 4 hours to make one of the circular sections. I eventually got that down to 2 hours. My ex father in law at the time told me I would never finish it. Never say never. It took me 2 years, but I finished it. It was entered in the local fair and won first place, best of show. They convinced me to enter it in the state fair where it took first place. I was so happy to see the close up of yours. The linking areas are exactly the same, but the circular pattern seems to be a bit different. I made mine in an off white and it has grease on it, so I really need to replace a couple of the medallions. You got a real steal!

Cheryl Palmer said...

Ok, I am back, I couldn't stand it. I went and got out my tablecloth and the pattern. I thought the pattern was called Aunt Mary's, but I wasn't sure. It is and it is the same tablecloth! Mine has 228 medallions. I made it to fit the table I had at the time. It is ecru. This is the only other time I have seen "my" tablecloth!

Karen said...

Very pretty things! I love the tablecloth...what a find that was! Can't imagine selling such a beautiful piece made by a relative. It certainly must have taken a long time to crochet.

sissie said...

Hi Donna!
I say promote it if you got it!!! LOL!

I love your gorgeous tablecloth/bed cover. I have one similar that I paid well over $100. for several years ago. So, you got yours for a steal!!


Anonymous said...

Donna, never ever get sick of seeing things painted white. Love the crocheted piece. It beats me how people can sell some things. And how could anything so pretty be called anything but "she"? "He" would hardly do.

Lisa x

Love of the Sea said...

Wow - So much work went into the tablecloth. The detail is amazing. So pretty. Looks great on your table.

Linda said...

So lovely, Donna! The tablecloth was a real find and I love the painted frame!

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

The tablecloth is gorgeous and what an incredible price. ~~Sherry~~

bikim said...

love the white frame!!!!
that is gorgeous Donna

happy night!

Joanna K (aka Asia K) said...

I just wanted to add that your projects are just amazing, I love the way you transform "ugly ducklings" into beautiful swans". I am now a follower and will certainly be visiting here frequently!